Using Autopilot Tesla Model Y

The following Autopilot components in your Model Y actively monitor the surrounding road environment:


  1. A camera is situated above the license plate at the rear.
  2. Ultrasonic sensors are found in both the rear and front bumpers.
  3. Cameras are in every door pillar.
  4. Three cameras are situated on the windshield above the rear view mirror.
  5. A camera is situated on each front fender.
  6. A radar is mounted behind the bumper at the front.

The Model Y also has high-precision electronic-assisted braking and steering systems.

Before each drive, make sure all cameras and sensors are clean. Autopilot performance can be harmed by dirty cameras and sensors, as well as weather conditions like rain and faded lane lines.


Autopilot Safety Features:


Autopliot Features to Reduce Driver Workload:

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