Tesla Model S/3/X/Y Wheel Rim Protector Set


Tesla Model Y Roof Rack- Multi-Installations Ready


Tesla Model 3/Y USB Hub - 5 Ports and Secret Compartment For Dashcam &...


Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack - Easy to Install and Remove


Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Cover


Tesla Model 3 Black Chrome Delete Kit


Tesla Model Y Seat Covers - Set of 12 Pieces *5 Seater version*


Tesla Model 3/Y Cup Holder Insert, Drink Holder




Tesla owners have noticed longer wait times than usual to use a Supercharger stall at some busier stations, particularly during peak travel periods like vacations. In an effort to assist,...

by Gill D on July 02, 2022

The Tesla Model S originally went on sale to the general public 10 years ago this week. We had no idea at the time how this revolutionary EV would change...

by Gill D on June 24, 2022

In China, Nio's ES7 sports utility electric vehicle gives Tesla's Model X and Model Y another rival. As competition with Tesla heats up in China, Nio unveiled the ES7 sports...

by Gill D on June 17, 2022

The investigation into a series of Tesla crashes with parked emergency vehicles or trucks with warning signs has escalated. This brings Teslas with partially automated driving systems one step closer...

by Gill D on June 10, 2022



Why buy your Tesla Aftermarket Accessories from Talsem?

Everything from carrying out preventive maintenance, overall performance, and create a unique aesthetic for your Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, or Model Y will grab everyone’s attention wherever you go. You can do all of this and more using Talsem aftermarket parts and accessories. We are the one-stop destination for all your Tesla needs. With other online Tesla aftermarket suppliers that offer repair parts or external items, you are short on options to add special interior trims or get specific wheel and tire accessories to complete the look you want. Whatever you want to do with your Tesla or wherever you go to seek out the driving thrills whether it is on or offroad, you will find quality components and accessories in our digital store to get the best out of your Tesla experience.

Improving the visual appeal and functionality that comes with your Tesla, will make driving and ownership a great experience. Talsem offers all the aftermarket goods that will fit any budget to suit personal preferences and budget. Custom floor mats and seat covers, and steering wheel covers are designed to protect your interior and provide comfort and ambience. A wood dash kit will customize your cabin, and a head's up display will make every drive more delightful. Protect your Tesla with a bed mat or liner and keep it looking elegant. Trailer hitches and towing accessories, among other things, can be added to your Tesla.

Tesla owners love their vehicles, as every EV is manufactured to perfection. However, most drivers like to add a unique flair to customize their Tesla. What better way to differentiate your car than with a bespoke look? Talsem’s range of exterior accessories has everything you need to get started. Chrome trim, unique grilles, and a wide range of body modifications are all available in our inventory. We have everything you need to construct a unique Tesla, from bumper valances, rear spoilers, bespoke hoods, and entire body kits for road burners to off-road bumpers, grille guards, body armor, and fender flares proven to increase the toughness factor on Model X. LED lighting is the most popular visual appeal enhancer, and it also improves visibility for safer driving.

LED headlights, taillights, halo rings, off-road light bars, and more are available, as well as custom LED light kits that create a spectacular display that you can control with your smartphone. A set of custom wheels and tires is one of the few changes that may boost curb appeal and performance – the Talsem range is selection is unmatched.

Maintaining your Tesla ensures you avoid costly big problems and unexpected malfunctions. Forget about spending unnecessary time and effort running from store to store trying to source a particular product. Simply shop with us and we will send whatever your items to your front door. Whether you need cabin air filters, wiper blades, replacement body parts, car washes, cleaners, wax, wheel and tire care products, we have what you need to keep your Tesla looking great.

All components and accessories are intuitively structured on talsem.com, so your buying experience will be a breeze. Most importantly, the Talsem team will do whatever they can to provide you with the best service that every Tesla owner deserves.