Do it right the first time. Our Tesla floor mats protect your Tesla interior floors from leaving noticeable stains in all weather conditions. The Tesla Floor Mats are the perfect solution for protecting your Tesla's interior from those little things that can easily get in your way. The mats are made of only high-quality material, have an exquisite texture that is sure to catch your eye, are multifunctional, and offer higher resistance to dust, dirt, grease, etc. What's more? They are a breeze to install, and easy to clean as well!
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    Tesla floor mats are a must-have accessory for owners of Model X, Model S, Model Y, and Model 3 with premium or standard interior finishes. Our floor mats are specially designed to fit snugly over your Tesla carpet leveling out irregularities and eliminating wrinkles. They provide a safer driving environment for everyone in your car and protect your floor from dirt, mud, water, and snow buildup. With our Tesla floor mats, you get that perfect fit and protection for your Tesla interior, perfect for year-round use. The perfect gift for an enthusiast, who wouldn’t love a new set of floor mats that protect your beautiful car like no other?

    Contains everything you need to maintain a pristine interior:

    Whether it's the dirt and debris, or the spills and heat, we've got you covered; our floor mat is designed specifically to fit your Tesla Model and provide unmatched protection. Keeping your car clean and neat is easy thanks to the mat's non-slippery honeycomb pattern surface and raised rim. Designed to fit every angle of your vehicle's flooring and trunk, these non-toxic and odorless floor mats have been ergonomically engineered to provide the ultimate protection. Our floor mats come with everything you need for a spotless interior, including the Driver's Side mat, Passenger's Side mat, Rear Row mat, and Back Trunk Floor Mat.

    Floor mat installation and cleaning instructions:

    Installation and cleaning of the floor mats are a breeze! To install, please follow the two steps: 

    Step 1: Remove your OEM Tesla floor mats 

    Step 2: Attach our floor mats to each designated spot on the interior floor and press gently to secure them to the desired location. 

    In order to clean the mats, simply lay them face-up on the ground and rinse them thoroughly with a hose, or you could take them to a gas station to be cleaned. It is easy to lift, clean, and install floor mats because they are so lightweight. The floor mats do not require regular cleaning, but regular cleaning will help maintain your vehicle's interior and extend its lifespan significantly. These mats are made of premium materials, which are soft enough to fold easily, won't harden, crack, or curl during cleaning, and can last for a long time.