Setting Auto High Beam Headlights Tesla Model Y

See Autopilot Overview and Features and Controlling the vehicle's lights.

To turn the high beam headlights on continually, pull the left-hand steering column lever away from you and release it. Push the lever away from you again to cancel.

Pull the lever towards you and release to flash the high beam headlights for a few seconds.

When light is detected in front of Model Y (for example, from an oncoming car), the high beam headlights can automatically adjust to low beam. Touch Controls > Lights > Auto High Beam to enable or disable this feature.

Note: Unless you alter it manually, your chosen configuration remains in effect.
You can temporarily switch on the high beams by pulling the lever towards you if Auto High Beam is set on but the high beams are turned off because light is detected in front of Model Y.

The status of the headlights is indicated by the following indicator lights on the touchscreen:

The low beam headlights are switched on.

The high beam headlights are switched on and Auto High Beam has been disabled or currently unavailable.

Auto High Beam are enabled and the high beams are on. The Model Y is ready to turn off the high beams automatically if any light is detected is front.

Because light is detected in front of the Model Y, Auto High Beam is enabled but high beams are not turned on. High beams automatically turn back on when light is no longer detected.

Warning: Auto High Beam is only intended to be used as a supplement and has limits. It is the driver's obligation to ensure that the headlights are adjusted adequately for the weather and driving conditions.


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