Smart Summon (if available) allows you to summon Model Y to your position (using your phone's GPS as a target destination) or to a destination of your choice, manoeuvring around and stopping for items as needed. When your phone is within 213 feet (65 metres) of the Model Y, Smart Summon works with the Tesla mobile app. Smart Summon drives the Model Y out of parking spaces and around corners using ultrasonic sensors, cameras, and GPS data. This is useful for getting your Model Y out of a tight parking spot, across puddles, or retrieving your vehicle while carrying packages. Maintain a clear line of sight between you and Model Y at all times, and keep a watchful eye on the vehicle and its surroundings.

See Also Autopilot Summon.

Caution: Ensure that all cameras and sensors are in good working order. Autopilot performance can be harmed by dirty cameras and sensors, as well as weather conditions like rain and faded lane lines.

WARNINGS: Smart Summon is exclusively created and intended for usage on private property parking lots and driveways when the surrounding area is familiar and predictable. Smart Summon should not be used on public roadways.
Smart Summon is only meant to be utilised on paved areas.

  • Smart Summon is currently in BETA. You must keep a constant eye on the vehicle and its surrounds and be ready to react quickly at any time. It is the driver's obligation to utilise Smart Summon safely, responsibly, and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Smart Summon may not stop for all things (especially very low objects like curbs or very high objects like shelves) or react to all traffic. Smart Summon can't tell which way the traffic is going, can't manoeuvre around vacant parking spaces, and can't predict cross traffic.
  • The performance of Smart Summon is dependent on the ultrasonic sensors, camera visibility, and the availability of a good cellular signal and GPS data.
  • When using Smart Summon, keep a clear line of sight between yourself and the Model Y and be ready to stop the vehicle at any time by releasing the button on the mobile app.

Before You Use Smart Summon

  • Install the most recent version of the Tesla mobile app on your phone, and  make sure it has cellular service and GPS.
  • Your phone must be linked to the Model Y and within 213 feet of it (65 meters).
  • The Autopilot cameras in the car must be fully calibrated.
  • Model Y must be in Park, not charging, and all doors and trunks must be closed, and you must have a clear line of sight to it.


Using Smart Summon

  1. SUMMON can be accessed by opening the Tesla mobile app and pressing the SUMMON button.
  2. Select the Smart Summon icon in the centre of your Model Y's image. Smart Summon may take several seconds to start up.
    Note: You can utilise Standby Mode to avoid the startup delay when using Smart Summon.
  3. The mobile app shows a map with a blue circle on it, which symbolises the maximum distance between your phone and the Model Y of 213 feet (65 metres). The blue dot on the map denotes your location, while the red arrow denotes Model Y's location.
  4. Take a position within the blue circle that gives you a clear line of sight to Model Y.
  5. Smart Summon can now be used in either of the following modes:

COME TO ME: Hold the COME TO ME button down. The Model Y follows your GPS coordinates. Model Y follows you around as you go. When the Model Y reaches you, it comes to a complete stop and shifts into park.

GO TO TARGET: To place the pin on a certain destination, tap the crosshair symbol and drag the map. Hold the GO TO TARGET button down. The Model Y arrives at its destination. When the Model Y arrives at the destination, it comes to a halt and shifts into Park, and the mobile app displays a message stating that Summon has been accomplished.

  • Lift your finger to adjust the map, then press and hold GO TO TARGET again to modify the location.
  • Simply release the COME TO ME or GO TO TARGET button to stop Model Y at any time.

The crosshair symbol on the map switches between the GO TO TARGET and COME TO ME modes. The icon is blue when COME TO ME mode is selected.
Note that there is an icon on the map that allows you to show/hide satellite images.

When you start Smart Summon in either mode, the danger lights flash quickly, the mirrors fold, and the Model Y shifts into the proper driving gear (Drive or Reverse). Model Y then advances slowly to within 3 feet (1 metre) of you (COME TO ME) or your desired destination (GO TO TARGET), avoiding obstructions as necessary. The accompanying red arrow on the map moves with Model Y to illustrate the vehicle's location. The corresponding blue dot moves with you to represent your location.

When you release the button on the mobile app, Model Y stops moving and switches into park in either mode.

  • The maximum distance between your phone and Model Y is 213 feet (65 metres) (if moving Model Y to a destination distant from you, you may need to follow the car to keep this distance).
  • There is a blockage in the driving lane.
  • Since the commencement of the Smart Summon session, Model Y has travelled a maximum distance of 475 feet (145 metres), or has moved 492 feet (150 metres) away from the last manual drive position.
  • Note that if Smart Summon pushes Model Y forwards three feet and then retreats two feet, the total distance travelled is five feet.

There's no need to glance at the app—just hold the button down while keeping an eye on the Model Y and its path at all times, ready to release the button to bring the vehicle to a halt if necessary.

If you have Auto HomeLink activated for Summon (touch Controls > Autopilot > Summon > Use Auto HomeLink), Smart Summon will open a HomeLink device for you if you start the Smart Summon manoeuvre while inside a garage. The door has opened, according to the mobile app.

WARNING: When you release the button to halt Model Y, there is a brief delay before the car comes to a complete stop. As a result, it's vital that you pay close attention to the vehicle's driving path at all times and anticipate any obstructions that the vehicle might miss.

WARNING: When employing Smart Summon in circumstances where obstacle movement is uncertain, use extreme caution. For instance, when there are people, children, or animals.

WARNING: Smart Summon may not stop for all things (particularly extremely low objects like some curbs or very high objects like a shelf) or react to all oncoming or side traffic. Keep an eye on the Model Y and be ready to stop it at any time by releasing the button on the mobile app.

Standby Mode

Turn on Standby Mode to keep Model Y ready to Summon and shorten the time it takes to warm up. Autopilot > Customize Summon > Standby Mode > Touch Controls When Standby Mode is enabled, you can save battery life by disabling it at the following locations:

  • Exclude Home - Standby Mode is disabled at the location that has been set as Home in the Favorites list.
  • Exclude Work - Standby Mode is disabled at the location that has been set as Work in the Favorites list.
  • Exclude Favorites - Standby Mode is disabled at any location in the Favorites list.

Note: Smart Summon automatically exits Standby mode from midnight to 6:00 am to save energy. There will be a delay while Smart Summon is starting up during these hours.

Note: While in Standby Mode, additional battery power may be consumed.

Stop or Cancel Smart Summon

When you release the button on the mobile app, Smart Summon stops Model Y. Simply hit the COME TO ME or GO TO TARGET button to resume the Smart Summon session.

WARNING: Always plan ahead for when you'll need to shut down Model Y. There may be a short delay between when you release the button and when the car stops, depending on the quality of the connection between the phone and Model Y.

Smart Summon is canceled and needs to be restarted when:

  • A door handle is engaged or a door is opened, Smart Summon is cancelled and must be restarted.
  • You use the steering wheel, brake pedal, accelerator pedal, or gear stalk to interact with the game.
  • A stumbling barrier has been placed in front of Model Y.
  • Within a 213 foot (65 metre) radius of the phone's location, Smart Summon has moved Model Y the maximum distance of roughly 475 feet (145 metres). You must shift Model Y into a driving gear (Drive or Reverse) and then re-initiate a Smart Summon session to travel longer than this distance.
  • Your phone goes to sleep or loses connection to the Model Y.



In the following scenarios, Smart Summon is unlikely to work as intended:

  • Due to low cellular coverage, GPS data is unavailable.
  • There is a slant to the driving road. Smart Summon is only intended to be used on level surfaces (up to 10 percent grade).
  • There is a raised concrete edge.
  • Smart Summon may or may not be able to move Model Y over the concrete edge, depending on its height.
  • One or more ultrasonic sensors or cameras are damaged, unclean, or obscured (for example, by mud, ice, or snow, or by a car bra, excessive paint, or sticky items such as wraps, stickers, rubber coating, and so on).
  • Weather conditions are interfering with sensor or camera operation (heavy rain, snow, fog, or unusually hot or cold temperatures).
  • Other electrical equipment or gadgets that create ultrasonic waves have an impact on the sensors.

Smart Summon will be disabled if the car is in Valet mode.

WARNING: The foregoing is not an exhaustive list of conditions that could cause Smart Summon to malfunction. It is the driver's obligation to keep Model Y under his or her control at all times. Keep a close eye on Smart Summon whenever it is actively moving Model Y and be ready to act quickly. Failure to do so can result in significant property damage, personal harm, or death.


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