Tesla Model S Aftermarket Accessories

Tesla Model S Aftermarket Accessories

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Tesla Model S Aftermarket Accessories

We gather only the most reliable Tesla Model S accessories and aftermarket parts designed with excellence in mind. Whether you're after a luxurious look, brisk performance, or anything in between, our wide assortment of the best Tesla Model S accessories covers all the bases.

Here are just a few aftermarket parts that we recommend:

Bike Racks

If you’re someone who loves the outdoors, these bike racks are a must-have Tesla Model S exterior accessory. The suction-based bike racks are a simple, convenient, and portable way to transport two bikes. These Tesla Model S accessories ensure your bike is secured to your car, even on the bumpiest roads.

Just pull the tab and easily store the bike racks in your trunk or garage when you're done. The best part is because these bike racks are so portable, you can take these accessories on and off with minimal effort without worrying about damaging your Tesla Model S.

Performance Pedal Set

Do you want an affordable way to up the cool factor on your Model S? This performance pedal set is the least expensive way to make your Tesla Model S look sporty and sleek.

Made from aluminum alloy and rubber, these Tesla Model S aftermarket parts snap onto your existing pedal with no problems. 

When you’re ready to replace them, just pop the accessory off and your stock pedals are still there.

Dashcam and Sentry Mode Hard Drive Accessory

Every Tesla Model S comes equipped with a dashcam and sentry mode, but did you know you need an external flash drive to save any of that footage? 

TALSEM has you covered with a preformatted USB drive, an essential Tesla Model S electronic accessory.

Use of this external drive is as simple as it gets. Just plug the Tesla Model S accessory into a USB port and you’re good to go — there's no need for configuration settings. The drive comes equipped with 128GB of storage, which will hold several days’ worth of recordings.

Wheel Rim Protector Accessories

You try your best to keep your Tesla Model S looking as good as the day you bought it, but nobody’s perfect. 

Especially in city driving and parallel parking, you’re constantly at risk of brushing the curb and scraping your wheels. This wheel rim protector set is here to help!

Available in three colors and three wheel sizes, this Tesla Model S accessory set is a simple, elegant way to protect your car from curb rash. Installation is easy, plus TALSEM provides a free wheel cap and lug nut covers set to further customize and accessorize your wheels.

TALSEM offers a ton of accessories to upgrade your Tesla Model S. Take a look and you’ll definitely find a cool aftermarket part that will make your Model S genuinely unique and special to you.

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