Cleaning Cameras and Sensors on the Model Y

Keep the different Autopilot components clean and clear of blockages, moisture, or damage to ensure they can offer the most accurate information possible.
Wipe any dirt from the components with a soft cloth wet with warm water on a regular basis.

Condensation can accumulate inside the camera enclosures, particularly if your car is parked outside in cold or wet weather. A message on the touchscreen may indicate that a camera is blocked and that some or all Autopilot functions may be momentarily disabled until the camera view is restored.

Precondition the cabin by setting it to a warm temperature, putting on the windshield defroster, and directing the front air vents towards the door pillars to prevent moisture from forming.

Caution: Do not use abrasive or chemical-based cleansers. This can cause damage to the surface.

Caution: Avoid using a high-pressure power washer.

Caution: Cleaning an ultrasonic sensor or camera lens with a sharp or abrasive instrument that can scratch or damage its surface is not recommended.

See Autopliot Overview.


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