Autopilot Summon Tesla Model Y

Summon allows you to park and retrieve your Model Y while standing outside the vehicle if it is equipped. Summon uses data from the ultrasonic sensors to move the Model Y forwards and backwards in a parking space up to 39 feet (12 metres). 
You can utilise Smart Summon (if equipped) and your phone to move Model Y a longer distance while navigating around things. Smart Summon enables your vehicle to track you down or instruct your vehicle to drive to a chosen location.
Caution: Ensure that all cameras and sensors are in good working order. Autopilot performance can be harmed by dirty cameras and sensors, as well as weather conditions like rain and faded lane lines.
WARNINGS: Summon is only meant for usage on private property parking lots and driveways where the surrounding area is familiar and predictable.
Summon is currently in BETA.
  • You must keep a constant eye on the vehicle and its surrounds and be ready to react quickly at any time. It is the driver's obligation to operate Summon safely, responsibly, and in accordance with its instructions.
  • The capacity of the ultrasonic sensors to assess the vehicle's closeness to objects, people, animals, and other vehicles is critical to Summon's operation.

Before Using Autopilot Summon

Use the touchscreen to enable Summon and personalise how you want it to work before you start using it. Touch Controls > Autopilot > Summon, then Customize to setup the following parameters to your liking:

  • Bumper Clearance: Set the distance at which Summon should come to a halt when it detects an object (for example, you could want Summon to come to a halt within a few inches of a garage wall). This distance only applies to objects that Summon recognises directly in front of Model Y when travelling forwards or directly behind Model Y when travelling backwards.
  • Summon Distance: Set a maximum distance for the Model Y to go when entering or exiting a parking spot.
  • Side Clearance: To indicate how much side clearance you wish to allow, select an option. Tight enables the Model Y to enter and exit extremely tight parking places.
    WARNING: Parking in a tight spot restricts the sensors' capacity to identify obstructions properly, increasing the danger of damage to the Model Y and/or nearby objects.
  • Require Continuous Press: To move Model Y during the parking procedure, Summon needs you to press and hold a button on the mobile app or the key fob accessory. You can push and release the button when Require Continuous Press is set to NO; you don't have to hold it down to keep the vehicle going. Also, if you wish to use the key fob accessory instead of the smartphone app to operate Summon, or if you want to start a parking sequence from within the vehicle, Require Continuous Press must be set to NO. 
  • Use Auto HomeLink: Set to ON if you wish to use Summon to activate HomeLink to open/close a programmed HomeLink device (such as a gate or garage door) while parking. When Model Y enters or departs a Summon session, the device automatically opens and closes if this option is enabled. When Smart Summon detects that Model Y is parked in a garage at the start of a Smart Summon session (if equipped), the device immediately opens.
    WARNING: Before HomeLink lowers the garage door, be sure the Model Y is fully in or out of the garage. Summon and Smart Summon (if available) are unable to detect the location of a lowering overhead door.
    Note: When utilising Summon, the HomeLink device opens and closes automatically, and when using Smart Summon (if fitted), the device opens and closes as needed. You must alter the HomeLink device's main settings by pressing the HomeLink symbol at the top of the touchscreen in other conditions (such as normal driving) to automate HomeLink.
    Note: With the exception of HomeLink, the preceding settings only apply to Summon—not Smart Summon if it is available. Smart Summon's bumper clearance, distance, and side clearance cannot be changed. To keep Model Y moving when utilising Smart Summon, you must always keep the button on the mobile app pressed. In addition, Smart Summon only works with the mobile app and not with the key fob attachment.

All settings are saved until they are manually reconfigured.

Park and Retrieve Vehicle with Summon

To park your Model Y with Summon, follow these steps:

  • Align Model Y within 39 feet (12 metres) of the parking space so that it may drive or reverse in a straight line into or out of the space.
  • Start the parking manoeuvre from outside the vehicle by tapping Summon on the mobile app and then holding down the FORWARD or REVERSE button.

Note: If the Require Continuous Push setting is set to NO, you don't have to hold the button down; simply press and release. Note that the parking move can also be started from inside the vehicle. 

Summon puts the Model Y in Drive or Reverse (depending on which direction you specify) and drives into or out of the parking spot. Summon moves Model Y into Park after parking is complete or if an obstruction is detected.
When Summon is triggered, the Model Y is put into Park.

  • Model Y identifies an obstruction in its driving path (within the preset Bumper Clearance setting).
  • Model Y has been transported the maximum distance of 39 feet by Summon (12 meters).
  • When Require Continuous Press is on, you release the FORWARD or REVERSE button.
  • To manually halt Summon, press any button.

If you used Summon to park Model Y, you can then use Summon to return it to its original spot (as long as the vehicle is still in Park) or to the maximum Summon Distance you set (whichever comes first). Simply designate the opposite way on the smartphone app, and Summon will move the vehicle in the opposite direction, assuming no obstacles have been added. Summon attempts to avoid obstacles while maintaining extremely near to its original path if ultrasonic sensors detect one (Summon does not manoeuvre around obstacles).

Note: To move Summon in the same direction several times (up to 39 feet (12 metres) in the same direction, cancel Summon and then restart the parking operation in the same direction.

Note: Summon can move Model Y a short distance laterally to avoid an impediment, but it does not attempt to guide the car around the obstacle and back to its original driving path. Only Smart Summon (if available) has the ability to guide the vehicle around obstacles.

Note: Summon will stop moving Model Y if you release the direction button on the smartphone app. Model Y must be able to detect a valid key nearby in order for Summon to work.
Note: Summon requires the Model Y to be able to detect a nearby authorised phone (Canada only).

WARNING: Model Y is unable to identify obstructions that are positioned below the bumper, are extremely thin, or are suspended from the ceiling (for example, bicycles). Furthermore, several unforeseeable events can limit Summon's capacity to enter or exit a parking space, causing Summon to improperly move Model Y. As a result, you must keep a constant eye on the vehicle's progress and surrounds, and be ready to stop Model Y at any time.

Using the Key to Operate Summon

Note: Operation with the key Summon is now only available in the United States. 

If the battery in the key fob accessory is low, Summon may not work.

To park a Model Y from the outside using the key fob accessory, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure Require Continuous Press is turned off on the touchscreen (touch Controls > Autopilot > Summon > Require Continuous Press > NO).
  2. Stand within 10 feet (3 metres) of the Model Y in Park and push and hold the top centre button on the key fob attachment (Lock/Unlock All button) until the warning lights blink repeatedly.
    Note: As Model Y locks, the hazard lights flash once, then the hazard lights flash constantly for the next five seconds. Wait until the hazard lights are flashing before moving on to the next stage. If the danger lights do not flash after five seconds, release the button on the key fob attachment, move closer to the Model Y, and try again. Summon cancels if no further input is received within ten seconds.
  3. To pull Model Y forwards into the parking place, click the Front Trunk button on the key fob accessory; to reverse Model Y into the parking space, press the Rear Trunk button.

Starting Summon Before Exiting the Vehicle

Before exiting Model Y, start a Summon parking sequence:

  1. Disable Require Continuous Press on the touchscreen (touch Controls > Autopilot > Summon > Require Continuous Press > NO).
  2. Shut all of the doors and trunks.
  3. Double-press the Park button on the gear stalk when the Model Y is turned on and the Park gear is engaged. A popup window appears on the touchscreen.
  4. Select the journey direction on the touchscreen.
  5. Get out of the Model Y and shut the driver's door.

Summon will now move Model Y in the direction you chose on the touchscreen.

Note: Touch Cancel on the popup window to cancel the parking manoeuvre before exiting.

Note: Summon does not begin a parking manoeuvre when you exit if you do not select a direction of travel on the touchscreen.

Stop or Cancel Summon

While Summon is active, you can stop Model Y at any time by using the mobile app or hitting any button on the key fob attachment. Summon is also cancelled if:

  • A door handle is in use or any door is open.
  • While interacting with the steering wheel, gear stalk, brake pedal,  or accelerator pedal.
  • If the vehicle detects an obstacle.
  • Summon has moved the car up to a max distance of about 39 feet (12 meters).
  • The smartphone goes into sleep mode or connectivity is lost with the Model Y.


In the following scenarios, Summon is unlikely to work as intended: • The driving route is slanted. Summon is only designed to work on flat roads (up to a 10% gradient).

  • There is a raised concrete edge. Summon will not allow the car to cross an edge that is higher than 1 inch (2.5 cm).
  • One or more ultrasonic sensors are damaged, unclean, or obstructed (for example, by mud, ice, or snow, or by a car bra, excessive paint, or sticky items such as wraps, stickers, rubber coating, and so on).
  • Weather conditions are interfering with sensor operation (heavy rain, snow, fog, or unusually hot or cold temperatures).
  • Other electrical equipment or gadgets that create ultrasonic waves have an impact on the sensors.

Note: Summon will be disabled if the car is in Valet mode.

WARNING: The preceding list does not reflect an exhaustive list of conditions that could cause Summon to malfunction. It is the driver's obligation to keep Model Y under his or her control at all times. Whenever Summon is actively moving Model Y, pay close attention and be ready to act quickly.
Failure to do so can result in significant property damage, personal harm, or death.


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