Experience total luxury in our opulent Tesla car covers, carefully designed to complement your beloved car's style. With its easy-to-use design, this vehicle cover will fit snugly around your vehicle in a way that ensures maximum protection against any kind of harm. It's designed to fit the contours of your car, while still providing you with optimum breathability all year round. Protecting your vehicle couldn't be easier!

    Your Model deserves the best car covers money can buy, so buy our covers and experience new heights of luxury. Easy to slip on or take off, this cover is made for indoor and outdoor use to protect your beloved car against weather damage, scratches, rust, and accumulated debris. Designed with pinpoint accuracy, our one-of-a-kind cover is completely tailored to fit your car's contours and provide you with unsurpassed protection that keeps your car looking fresh for longer. With our stylish and durable covers, taking care of your vehicle and keeping it looking new will no longer be a hassle!

    Car covers come in a variety of types:

    The right car covers will not only protect your car from harm but also allow you to enjoy additional levels of comfort. By doing so, you can help ensure that your car keeps as much of its value as possible by prolonging its lifespan. No matter whether you prefer indoor or outdoor car covers, each has its own benefits that will not only make it easier to secure your prized possession but will also ensure that it gets the best possible protection from harsh climatic conditions. So keep your Tesla protected without having to break the bank.


      • Water & scratch-resistant: For those who appreciate style and elegance, you can protect your car and make it shine without ever leaving the garage. With three layers of protection, your precious car covers are custom-made to perfectly fit your Tesla to give you maximum protection from rain, hail, snow, and strong winds.

      • Protect your Tesla with the Best: Ensure your Tesla's top-notch condition with durable double-stitched seams and fully elasticized hem. Your Tesla will stay in top shape for an incredibly long thanks to reinforced grommets that keep your cover in place. 

      • Easy to use and convenient to store: Designed with ergonomics in mind, the revolutionary car covers feature ventilated mesh for optimal airflow during charging and comes with convenient charge port openings that allow for connection to an outlet, eliminating the need for taking off the cover when charging. Coming with a storage bag, now you can easily fold and store the cover when not in use.