Stop Light and Stop Sign Warning with Autopilot Tesla Model Y

Stop Light and/or Stop Sign Warning may not be available on your car depending on the market location or vehicle configuration.

See Autopilot Overview and Features.

If Autosteer senses that you are about to run through a red stop light or stop sign, Model Y shows a warning on the touchscreen and sounds a chime. TAKE IMMEDIATE CORRECTIVE ACTION IF THIS HAPPENS!

After a few seconds, or when you apply the brake pedal, whichever comes first, the visual and auditory warnings will go away. Only warnings are provided by Stop Light and Stop Sign Warning. Model Y makes no attempt to slow down or stop at red traffic lights, stop signs, or road markers, for example.

Note: Press Controls > Autopilot > Full SelfDriving Visualization Preview to see additional information about the road and its surroundings, including road markers, stop signs, stop lights, and objects (such as garbage cans and poles), among other things.

Caution: Stop Light and Stop Sign Warning requires the vehicle's map to be aware of the presence of a specific stop light or stop sign in a specific location. It's possible that it's not aware of new stop lights or stop signs that haven't been recorded in the map data. As a result of potential map inconsistencies, Stop Light and Stop Sign Warning may not identify all stop lights and stop signs.

Warning: Model Y may not recognise all stop lights and stop signs if you do not press the brakes or decelerate the vehicle. Stop Lights and Stop Sign Warnings are only intended to serve as a guide; they are not a substitute for careful driving and sound judgement. When driving, keep your eyes on the road and never rely on Stop Light and Stop Sign Warning to alert you to a stop light or stop sign.

Warning: Stop Light and Stop Sign Warning are designed to only warn you when approaching a visible red stop sign, solid red or later portion of a yellow traffic light; it may not issue warnings at intersections with flashing lights and does not warn you of yield signs or temporary stop and yield signs (such as in construction areas). Additionally, Stop Light and Stop Sign Warning will not warn you of an approaching stop light or stop sign if you are pressing the accelerator pedal or brake pedal (which disables Autosteer).


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