Cold Weather Best Practices While Driving Tesla Model Y

Because more power is required for driving, cabin, and battery heating, cold weather can increase energy consumption. Reduce your energy use by following these instructions:


While Driving

  • It is more efficient to keep warm by using the seat heaters rather than the climate controls. Reduce energy consumption by lowering the cabin temperature and using seat heaters.
  • Avoid frequent and sudden acceleration by slowing down your driving.


Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking could be restricted if the Battery is too cold. As you carry on driving, the Battery will warm up and regenerative power increases. 

Note: If you give yourself enough time to precondition your car or use scheduled departure before your drive, you can avoid limited regenerative braking.

Note: Winter tires may temporarily lower regenerative braking power, but Model Y will readjust itself after a short period of driving to fix this.


Blue Snowflake Icon

When some of the stored energy in the Battery is not available due to the chilly Battery temperature, a blue snowflake icon displays on your touchscreen. On the Battery metre, this portion of unavailable energy is shown in blue. It's possible that regenerative braking, acceleration, and charging rates will be restricted. When the Battery has sufficiently warmed, the snowflake icon disappears.


Warming the Battery Before Supercharging

If you navigate to a Supercharger station using Trip Planner, your vehicle will allocate energy to pre-heat the Battery in cold conditions. This guarantees that you arrive at the Supercharger with the optimal Battery temperature, cutting down on charging time.



Keep the sensors and radar clear of snow, ice, mud, and grit to ensure optimal Autopilot performance.


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