Setting the Regenerative Braking Level for Model Y

The touchscreen may be used to adjust the level of regenerative braking.

  1. Press Controls > Driving > Regenerative Braking.
  2. Choose Standard or Low:

Standard: It provides the most regenerative braking possible. Model Y slows down when you let go of the throttle, reducing the need to use the brakes.

Low: Regenerative braking is restricted. Model Y takes longer to slow down and coasts further than when set to "Standard" when you let go of the pedal.

Model Y Regenerative Braking settings

Regenerative braking slows Model Y down and transfers any excess energy back to the Battery whenever you take your foot off the pedal. You can use regenerative braking to extend your driving range by anticipating your stops and reducing or eliminating pressure from the accelerator pedal to slow down. This isn't a replacement for frequent braking when it's necessary.

Note: The brake lights illuminate when regenerative braking is used to forcefully slow the Model Y (for example, when your foot is totally off the accelerator pedal at highway speeds).

Note: Installing winter tires with an aggressive compound and tread design may impair regenerative braking power briefly. Your vehicle, on the other hand, is built to constantly readjust itself, and after a few moderate-torque straight-line accelerations, it will gradually recover regenerative braking power. Most drivers experience this after a brief period of regular driving, however drivers who generally accelerate gently may need to utilize slightly harsher accelerations while the recalibration is taking place.

Warning: Model Y may lose traction during regenerative braking in snowy or icy conditions, especially if the Standard setting is used and/or winter tyres are not used. In snowy or icy weather, Tesla suggests using the Low setting to help maintain vehicle stability.

The amount of energy returned to the Battery via regenerative braking varies depending on the Battery's current state and the charge level option you're utilizing. If the Battery is already completely charged or the ambient temperature is too cold, regenerative braking may be hindered.

Note: If regenerative braking is restricted, a dashed line will display on the energy bar.

See Braking Systems.


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