Seasonal Tire Types Tesla Model Y

Summer Tires

It's possible that your car came with high-performance summer tires or all-season tires. If travelling in freezing conditions or on roads with snow or ice, Tesla suggests using winter tires. For winter tire recommendations, contact Tesla.

WARNING: Summer tires do not give appropriate grip in cold conditions or on snow or ice. It's critical to choose and instal the right tires for winter conditions in order to keep your Model Y safe and performing at its best.


All-Season Tires

All-season tires may have come standard on your Model Y. These tires are designed to give enough traction in most conditions all year, but in snowy or icy conditions, they may not provide the same level of traction as winter tires. The words "ALL SEASON" and/or "M+S" (mud and snow) on the tire sidewall identify all-season tires.


Winter Tires

In snowy or icy situations, use winter tires to improve grip. Always instal a complete set of four tires at the same time when installing winter tires. On all four wheels, winter tires must have the same diameter, brand, manufacture, and tread pattern. For winter tire recommendations, contact Tesla.

A mountain/snowflake symbol on the tire's sidewall indicates that it is a winter tire.

On dry roads, you may notice more road noise, a shorter tread life, and reduced traction when driving on winter tires.

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Note: Installing winter tires with an aggressive compound and tread design may impair regenerative braking power briefly. However, after a short period of regular driving, your car is designed to reset itself and restore regenerative braking power.


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