Using the Trip Planner Tesla Model Y

Trip Planner (available in various market locations) gives you the confidence to take longer road excursions. If reaching your destination necessitates charging, Trip Planner directs you to the nearest Supercharger. To reduce the amount of time you spend travelling and charging, Trip Planner recommends a route and provides charging timings. To use Trip Planner, tap the settings button on the map, then tap Trip Planner.

When the Trip Planner is on and you need to charge to get to your destination, the step by step directions will show Supercharger stops with suggested times and an estimate of how much energy will be available when you arrive at the Supercharger. See Warming the Battery Before Supercharging.

To remove Supercharger stops and display just the only directions, touch Remove charging stops at the bottom of the list of directions (if you
remove charging stops, the directions list will show an alert indicating that charging is needed to reach your destination). To include Supercharger stops to the directions, press Add charging stops.

The remaining charging time required to drive to your next Supercharger stop or destination (assuming no more charging is required) is displayed on the charging screen while charging at a Supercharger. The charging time for subsequent Supercharger stops is altered if you charge for a shorter or longer period of time.

Note: It is possible to monitor remaining charging time needed in the Tesla Mobile App.

Note: Trip Planner provides a notification and reroutes you to a new Supercharger station if a Supercharger on your route has an outage.

If Trip Planner predicts that you won't have enough energy to complete your round trip and there are no Superchargers along your route, a warning will appear at the top of the turn-by-turn directions list, informing you that you'll need to charge to get to your destination.


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