Setting the Climate Controls Tesla Model Y

At the bottom of the touchscreen, you'll always find climate controls. Touch the fan icon or change the cabin temperature to activate the climate control system. Touch the fan symbol, then the off button towards the centre of the popup window to turn it off. The temperature control system is set to Auto by default, which ensures maximum comfort in all except the most extreme weather conditions. When you choose the Auto option for the cabin temperature, the system adjusts the heating, air conditioning, air distribution, and fan speed to keep the cabin at the desired temperature.

To override the Auto setting, tap the fan symbol, switch off Auto, and then adjust your settings manually. You can revert to Auto at any moment if you've manually altered specific settings by touching AUTO on the climate control popup box.

See Adjusting Climate Control Settings.

Note: The graphic below is offered solely for demonstrative purposes. The information displayed may differ slightly depending on the vehicle options, software version, market region, and settings.

  1. Seat heaters have three settings, ranging from 3 (highest) to 1 (lowest) (lowest). When the accompanying seat icon is activated, it displays twisting lines that turn red to signify the current setting level. Seat heaters are included in the premium package if the rear seats are heated.
  2. To modify the cabin temperature, tap an up or down arrow. Press SYNC on the popup that displays when you touch an arrow to apply a temperature setting to both the driver and passenger side. Only one temperature setting appears when you apply the same temperature to both surfaces. To display separate temperature settings for the driver and passenger, press SYNC again.
  3. Toggle on temperature control and manually adjust settings to your liking by tapping the fan icon. To easily turn off climate control, press and hold the fan icon. Touch this icon to access controls for the rear seat heaters if your vehicle has the premium package.
  4. The air flow to the windshield is distributed via the windshield defroster. To defog the windshield, simply touch it once (the icon turns blue). To defrost the windshield, press the button a second time (the indicator turns red, and the heater and fan are turned on to their highest settings). To switch off and return the air distribution, heating, and fan to their previous settings, press the button a third time. When the windshield defroster is on, the external side mirrors are also heated.
  5. Warm the back window by touching it. The icon becomes red when it is in use. The rear window defroster switches off automatically after 15 minutes. When the rear window defroster is on, the exterior side mirrors are also heated.

WARNING: Individuals with peripheral neuropathy, or whose capacity to sense pain is impaired due to diabetes, age, neurological damage, or another disease, should exercise caution when using the climate control system and seat heaters to avoid burns caused by continuous use.

Note: The high-voltage battery powers the climate control system. As a result, continuous use reduces driving range.



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