Using the Key Card - Tesla Model Y

Two Model Y key cards, designed to fit in your wallet, are provided by Tesla. Tap the key card on the vehicle's card readers (situated in the door pillar on the driver's side and in the center console). See Supported Key Types.

Place the key card in the spot shown below and tap it against the card reader located approximately a third of the way up the driver's side door pillar to unlock or lock the Model Y. When Model Y identifies the key card, the external lights flash, the mirrors unfold or fold (if Fold Mirrors is switched on), the horn sounds (if Lock Sound Confirmation is turned on), and the doors unlock or lock.

Note: It's possible that the key card will need to be physically touched to the centre console or the driver's side door pillar, then held against the transmitter for 1-2 seconds.

Turn on Model Y by pressing the brake pedal within thirty seconds of scanning the key card.(see Starting and Powering Off). If you wait longer than thirty seconds, you must re-authenticate by inserting your key card near the card reader on the central console, which is behind the cup holders. When your key card is identified, your two-minute authentication period resets.

Note: The Walk-Away Door Lock only works with an authorised phone or a passive key fob. The vehicle will not automatically unlock/lock when walking away with your key card, regardless if the feature is enabled.

TIP: Always keep your key card in your purse or wallet as a backup in case your authenticated phone dies, or if it is misplaced or stolen.



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