Passive Key Fob Tesla Model Y

The Passive Key Fob may not be available for your vehicle due to market region or vehicle configuration.

Hands-free locking and unlocking of the Model Y is possible using the key fob. Although you must have a paired key fob, you are not required to use it. The Model Y features sensors all over the vehicle that can detect the presence of a key fob within a three-foot range (one meter). As a result, you may keep your key fob in your pocket or purse and open the door by just pulling on the door handle. You can also open the trunk without using the key by tapping the trunk's outside door handle if you have your key fob with you.

Note: At any given moment, the key fob can only be associated with one car. Touch the flat side of the key fob to the driver's side door pillar or centre console card reader if you want your key fob to passively lock and unlock for a separate vehicle. To match it with your selected vehicle, you just need to do this once. Every time you use your key fob with a different car, you must pair it.

Note: The passive locking and unlocking capability is only available on key fobs with the TESLA logo printed on the flat side.

Note: For enhanced security, your key fob disables itself after five minutes of being stationary when in range but the automobile is not in use. When this happens, the vehicle will not automatically lock or unlock. Shake or press the key fob button to activate it.



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