Walk Away Door Lock Tesla Model Y

When you walk away with your authenticated phone or associated key fob doors and trunks can automatically lock (if ordered after about October 1, 2019)

To enable/disable this feature, touch Controls > Locks > Walk-Away Door Lock.

The external lights flash once when the doors are locked, and the mirrors fold (if Fold Mirrors is turned on). To activate the confirmation sound when the Model Y locks, press Controls > Locks > Lock Confirmation Sound > ON.

Model Y won't automatically lock if:

  • Inside the Model Y, an authenticated phone or associated key fob is detected.
  • The driver doesn't have an authenticated phone/linked key fob, so you walk away with a key card or unpaired key fob (see Passive Key Fob).
  • When using the key card, touch the key card against the door pillar to manually lock the Model Y. You must manually lock Model Y while using an unpaired key fob (sold as an accessory) by pushing the lock button.
  • A door or trunk isn't completely shut.

Note: Walk-away locking is momentarily suspended for one minute if all doors are closed and Model Y was automatically unlocked by your authenticated phone or associated key fob. If you open a door within this minute, it will not relock until all the doors are closed and the authenticated phone or paired key fob has been removed.



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