Scroll Buttons on the Steering Wheel Tesla Model Y

A scroll button is located on each side of the steering wheel, which can be pressed left/right or rolled up/down.

1. The scroll buttons are useful for the following functions:
    • Adjusting the volume, so to mute/unmute, press and hold the scroll button, then roll it up or down to increase/decrease the volume. Note: Depending on what is currently being played, the scroll button can change the volume for media, navigation, or phone calls. The touchscreen indicates the volume level for all functions.
    • To change soundtracks, stations or whatever is playing, use the scroll button to the right. To return to the previous selection, press the scroll button to the left.
    • Adjust the position of the exterior mirrors.
    • Adjust the position of the steering wheel.
    • The Tesla steering wheel lights adjusts the angle of the headlights.

    2. The right scroll button can be used to:

    • Issue voice commands. To start a voice command, press the button.
    • Adjust your set speed as well as the distance you wish to keep from a car in front of you.
    • The arrows linked to the scroll buttons are backlit in low lighting conditions. To turn this backlighting on or off, press Controls > Lights > Steering Wheel Lights. Restart the touchscreen by pressing and holding both scroll buttons until the touchscreen turns black (off).


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