Using Voice Commands Tesla Model Y

Natural requests are interpreted by voice commands. Voice commands can be used to:

  • Call a contact.
  • Get to a certain spot.
  • Listen to music from the internet.
  • Take command of the Model Y in a variety of ways.

On the touchscreen, tap the mic button microphone to start a voice command. Speak your command when you hear the tone. The touchscreen displays an interpretation of your order as you speak. It also shows you tips to remind you of the many types of commands you might use. After you've finished speaking the command, either hit the voice button again or wait.

Note: You can also use the steering wheel button to start a voice command.

Note: Voice commands may be spoken in English or French (Canada).

Note: By hitting the right scroll button, you can also launch a voice command.

  • Say "Call" or "Dial" followed by the contact's first and/or last name on your Bluetooth-enabled phone to call them (s). "Call Tom" or "Call Tom Green," for example.
  • Say "Where is," "Drive to," or "Navigate to" followed by an address, business name, business category, or landmark to find or navigate to a destination. “Where is Princeton University?”, “How do I go to Tesla in Palo Alto?”, and “How do I get to Walmart in Cupertino?” are just a few examples. You can use a voice command to navigate to your home or work location if you've specified a navigation address for them. Just say "Navigate home" or "Navigate to work."
  • Say "Listen to" or "Play" followed by the name of the song, album, artist, or combination to listen to an Internet music service.
    Provide various cues in your command, such as artist and song (for example, “Listen to Helter Skelter” or “Play Helter Skelter by The Beatles”), to increase speech recognition accuracy.
  • By uttering phrases or orders, you can control different parts of the Model Y. "Speed up the wipers," "The screen is too bright," "Turn on the driver's seat heating," "I'm cold," and so on.

Note: Tesla is working to improve the Model Y's capacity to detect voice commands. Tesla discreetly records brief voice recordings to help these continuing quality upgrades. These brief recordings are not linked to your personal information or your vehicle's identification number in order to protect your privacy. Tesla claims that searching any system for a recording associated with a specific customer or car is impossible.


Disclaimer :
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