Adjust the Headlights Tesla Model Y

To make adjustments to the angle of the headlights, press Controls > Service > Adjust Headlights, and then follow the onscreen instructions. On the touchscreen, you may select whatever headlight you want to change.

Note: When briefly driving into a location with a change in traffic direction (for example, driving in a right-hand traffic region and then driving into a left-hand traffic region), headlights do not need to be adjusted.

WARNING: When adjusting headlights, proceed with caution. The position of the headlights has been meticulously tuned by Tesla to be in the best possible position for most driving circumstances. Tesla advises against adjusting headlights unless you are familiar with how they should be adjusted. You won't be able to restore them to their original calibrated position once they've been modified.
If you need help adjusting your headlights, contact Tesla.

See Also Using Steering Wheel Scroll Buttons for Headlight Adjustments.

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