11 Must-Have Tesla Model 3 Accessories in 2021

11 Must-Have Tesla Model 3 Accessories in 2021

When you first buy your Tesla, you will enter a new world of driving quality that you never experienced before.

The Tesla excitement is not a once-off experience. Every time there’s a new software update, you get to explore more features in your electric vehicle that adds to the constant delight of owning a Tesla.

And thanks to the assortment of accessories available, you can add a personal touch to your new ride. There are dozens of aftermarket supplies to choose from that offer ways to enhance aspects of your car while providing indispensable features and functions.

You will want to take the best care your new prized possession and there’s no better way than investing in items that will help keep your car looking brand new for the years to come. We put together a list of 11 must-have Tesla accessories that we tested, which will preserve the value of your car while providing ultimate practicality.

What Are The 2021 best Accessories for Tesla Model 3 ? 

  1. Centre Screen Protector
  2. Wireless Phone Charger
  3. Ultra-Bright LED Lighting
  4. Air Filter
  5. Model 3 floor mats
  6. Wind Noise Reduction Kit
  7. Car Cover
  8. Armrest Storage
  9. Silicon Key Band
  10. USB Hub
  11. Rim Protector

This list of Tesla Model 3 Accessories are the must have accessories, however there are many other accessories you might be interested in.
You can explore other Tesla Model 3 accessories here.

Review of The 11 Best Tesla Model 3 Accessories :

Center Screen Protector

Tesla Model 3 Screen Film

One of the main features of Tesla’s Model 3 is the central media control unit and touchscreen. It is used to control almost everything in the car and replaces most buttons you would find in any other car.

Being the car’s major control component, it is also subjected to fingerprint smudges, scratches, and damage. Replacing the screen is not a cheap exercise, so taking care of it with a cost-effective protector is a no brainer.

I used this screen protector custom-made for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. After carefully following the instructions, I applied the film without any bubbles, and it makes the console look spotless and brand spanking new. Now, I comfortably let passengers and the kids play around with the console without getting uptight about their fingers all over the screen.

There are different types of screen protectors but this one is the best option for only $14 and it minimizes reflection, maintains visibility, and doesn’t hinder the touchscreen’s responsiveness.


  • They’re thin with feathery weight
  • Pretty cheap for what it can save you by protecting the screen
  • Sleek, velvety feel.


  • Has to be changed when scratched

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Wireless Phone Charger


Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger

This accessory is so useful that it should have been included as a standard in the base model before June 2020. 

This is almost a necessity considering how integrated the Tesla app is with the vehicle. Tesla does offer it as an optional extra starting at $125 but the Talsem 10W Fast Wireless Charge is almost half price at $77 for the same functionality and quality.

Tesla Shop Wireless Charger

There are quite a few benefits to list here because it’s such a useful add-on. There is nothing more frustrating (or unsafe) as trying to plug your phone in to charge while driving. But if you have a Qi-enabled device, you can simply place your phone down in the panel and it does a fast charge.

The wireless charger pad not only looks cool with the anti-slip silica gel panel, but your phone doesn’t fall out of place if turning corners or going over bumps. And if you’re travelling with a passenger, you don’t need to take turns to charge your phones because it has a dual device capacity. It comes with a bit of intelligence too by detecting over heating of the phone and if foreign objects are put on the pad.

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Ultra-Bright LED Lighting


Tesla Model 3 Led Lighting

Part of Tesla’s design is to have dim LED lights in the interior, which may bring a soft ambience, but many Tesla owners find the lighting to be insufficient. Turning on the main cabin light is not always the best solution, especially if you need the light in the trunk.

Buying a separate LED kit has multiple range applications, whether it’s for the trunk, footwell or door panels. It helps increase brightness without surging the power consumption.

After testing different products, we narrowed it down to the best two:

This product from rpmTesla at $55 has very good brightness compare to other suppliers and can be shipped pretty quickly.

RPM led Light

The only equivalent in quality at a great price of $17 is this product from Talsem :

The interior LED lights are easy to install without any interior modifications. There’s a choice of different number of units making it more cost-effective.
There are packs of 2, 4, 9, 13, or 15 LEDs.

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Air Filter


Tesla Model 3 AC filter

Tesla recommends replacing the air filters every 2 years. However, if you live in urban areas, it’s a good idea to change them every year to keep the air fresh and clean inside your Tesla. Pollution from smog, smoke, and debris can get worse over different seasons and for a few extra dollars, it’s worth keeping the air system free of any build up and helps with long-term maintenance.

Two filters are required for every replacement. The Tesla shop offers individual air filters at $17 apiece:

Tesla Shop Air Filter

The same quality filters are available from Talsem in packs of two at a better price of $16:

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Floor mats


Tesla Model 3 Floor Mat

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get impressed with the factory floor mats supplied with your new Tesla. They are basic and don’t offer complete floor coverage and car mats easily slip around defeating its actual purpose.

The floor interior of cars get messed up quickly especially if you have children and transporting passengers. This is definitely one of the top 5 must-haves to preserve the pristine interior of your car.

We checked out these 3 different products that would suit different budgets:

Tesla does have an upgrade available to more expensive mats that include 2 for the front and an all-in-one cover for the rear passengers from $195:

Tesla Shop Floor Liner

Another option is the All-Weather MaxPider mats in a complete combo pack that gets great reviews but a bit on the pricey side at over $530:

MaxPider Floor Mat

The best value for money while providing great floor coverage are the All-Weather floor liners from Talsem at $90 with made with the same material :

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Wind Noise Reduction Kit


Tesla Model 3 Silicone Wind Noise Reduction

Wind noise is normally caused by changes in air pressure. The air moving outside the car has a lower pressure than the air inside your vehicle. Sometimes wind noise is a result of external strong winds or when driving at a high speed.

To prevent this, invest in a silicone wind noise reduction kit that helps to block escaping air and keeps the interior calm and quiet.

Custom made silicone rubber seals are available from rpmTesla at just under $30:

RPMtesla silicone seal

A wind noise reduction kit from Talsem at $13 is a durable and cost-effective option:

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Car Cover


Tesla Model 3 Car Cover

The number one reason to purchase a cover for your new Tesla is to protect it from the weather.  The sun’s UV rays can wreak havoc on a car’s paint work and cause discoloration of trimmings and the car’s interior.

It’s not just the sun but birds don’t have boundaries when they let loose and it can be a pain to clean off. Other elements like tree sap or fruits, dust, curious cats are enemies of a parked car.

Protecting your vehicle doesn’t mean a great deal of time and expense. A small investment can turn out to be a long-term saving.

Tesla’s branded Model 3 Car Cover is perhaps not quite a small investment, but it is designed to keep your car protected at all times, against all elements and starts from $230:

Tesla Shop Car cover 

The Talsem Model 3 Car Cover is a high-quality cover and is a perfect fit for the Tesla Model 3 at a third of the price for only $95 :

Talsem Car Cover

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Armrest Storage


Tesla Model 3 Armrest Storage

This is another great accessory that comes in very handy. It is ideal to keep small possessions hidden from sight. Car break-ins and smash and grabs are on the rise whether it’s to steal a few dollars in view, a phone, or any object that may look valuable.

It has a multi-purpose too and it’s not just to deter potential thieves but it’s a concealed storage space that keeps your car tidy. Easy to access, you can store keys, coins, cables, and all the little things that are hassle to carry around.

We reviewed the following Hidden Armrest Storage Box accessories at a price of $24.99:

Teslarati armrest storage

And a similar option at Talsem for just $18:

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Silicon Key Band


Tesla Model 3 Silicone Key Band

This may seem to be an insignificant addition to our list but if you had to count how many times you’ve dropped your car keys in your life, you will probably change your mind. Having to replace your Tesla key fob is a lot more expensive than buying a tiny protective cover.

What may seem minor is more major than you think. The silicon band doesn’t obstruct signaling so it’s a permanent cover that ensure your key fob stays free from scratches and other damage caused through accidental drops.

This stylish yet practical accessory comes in different colors and is available from Tesla at $18: 

Tesla Shop Model 3 Key Band

Alternatively, a cheaper version can be bought from Talsem at $11:

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Tesla Model 3 USB HUB

This bestseller is an essential accessory for Tesla owners who want to power up more than one device when you’re on the road while keeping your dashcam video secure.

Connect up to five devices simultaneously using the USB ports for charging or data transfers. It has an additional compartment that cannot be tampered with offering discreet and safe storage of any footage recorded by the dashcam in Sentry Mode.

Also offered by Teslarati in two different versions ranging from $39.99 - $79

Teslarati USB hub

The latest USB Hub version is available through Talsem for the Tesla Model 3 and Y for only $35

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Rim Protector


Tesla Model 3 Rim Protector

Last but not least, the set of 4 wheel rim protectors compatible with the Tesla Model S, 3, X, and Y, comes in white, red, or black to protect your vehicle’s rims from curb scratching and damage.

Easy to install, the rim protectors also add a colorful and stylish touch.

Get a set of 4 from Talsem at $59.00

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