Using the Mobile App Tesla Model Y

Using your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can communicate with the Model Y remotely using the Tesla mobile app.

To use the Tesla mobile app to connect with your Model Y, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Tesla mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Enter your Tesla account credentials to access the Tesla mobile app.
  3. Touch Controls > Safety & Security > Mobile Access to enable mobile access to your Model Y.
  4. If you want to use an authenticated phone as a key, switch on Bluetooth on your phone and make sure it's turned on in your phone's global settings for the Tesla mobile app. For example, on your phone, go to Settings, select the Tesla mobile app, and make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

To allow the mobile app to communicate with your vehicle, both your smartphone and your vehicle must be linked to cellular service. If you're parking in an area with limited or no cellular service, such as an inside parking garage, Tesla suggests having a functional physical key on hand.

If your Tesla Account has numerous vehicles linked to it, you must first switch to the Model Y you wish to use as a key in the mobile app. To switch vehicles, swipe left or right.

Note: Your charges are not covered under the Roadside Help coverage if you require lockout assistance from Tesla owing to a non-warranty issue, such as having restricted cellular connectivity and no secondary key accessible.

Note: Third party applications are not supported by Tesla.



On the home screen of the Tesla mobile app, you can:

  • See the name of your vehicle (if you have one) on the Tesla mobile app's home screen
  • Check out the estimated range of your car.
  • Determine the vehicle's gearing (driving, park, etc.).
  • In chilly weather, turn on maximum defrost to keep your car warm.
  • Turn on keyless entry.
  • Open the trunk in the front.
  • Secure your vehicle by locking or unlocking the doors.
  • View the odometer, VIN, and current firmware version of your vehicle at the bottom.

Send videos to play in the Tesla Theater by sharing the link using the mobile app for supported video sources. On your smartphone, go to the movie, show, or video you wish to watch and tap the share button. If your Model Y is in Park and you share the video with the Tesla app, it will appear on your vehicle's touchscreen.


See Using an authenticated app as a key


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