Controlling the Vehicle Lights on the Tesla Model Y

Press Controls > Lights on the touchscreen to operate the vehicle's lights.

Model Y contains convenience lights that work automatically based on what you are doing, in addition to the lights that you can control from the touchscreen. When you unlock Model Y, open a door, or shift into Park in low ambient lighting circumstances, the inside lights, marker lights, tail lights, and puddle lights all switch on. They turn off after a minute or two, or when you put the Model Y in drive or lock it.

Please note that the graphic below is purely for demonstration purposes. Your touchscreen may seem slightly different depending on your vehicle's options, software version, and market area.

1. Exterior Lights: 

When you turn on Model Y, the outside lights (headlights, taillights, side marker lights, parking lights, and licence plate lights) are set to AUTO. When the external lights are set to AUTO, they switch on automatically when driving in low-light conditions. On your next drive, if you modify the setting, the lights will always revert to AUTO. To temporarily alter the outside light setting, tap one of these options:

OFF: Exterior lights are turned off until you manually turn them on or until you drive again.

PARKING: The external side marker lights, parking lights, tail lights, and licence plate lights are the only lights that turn on.

ON: Switches the exterior lights on.

Note: Any external lights that are required to remain on in your market region (for example, daytime running lights) will switch on as needed when driving, parking on specified types of roads, and so on.

Note: The Model Y includes a line of LED lights along the rim of the headlights, often known as "signature" lights, if it is outfitted with the premium package. When the Model Y is turned on and a driving gear (Drive or Reverse) is selected, these lights turn on automatically.

Caution: While the daytime running lights are on, the rear tail lights are turned off. When there is a lack of rear visibility (for example, when it is dark, foggy, snowy, or the road is wet), make sure the rear lights are turned on. Failure to do so can result in catastrophic injury or damage.

WARNING: During low visibility situations, make sure your headlights are turned on. If you don't, you can end up in a crash.

2. Separate Control:

Fog lights can be turned on using a separate control (if equipped). Fog lights turn on when the low beam headlights are turned on. When the headlights are not on, the fog lights switch off.

3. Interior Dome:

Turn on or off the interior dome (map) lights. When you unlock Model Y, open a door when exiting, or shift into Park, all inside dome lights turn on if set to AUTO. By tapping the lens of an individual dome light, you can switch it on or off manually. When you turn on a dome light manually, it switches off when the Model Y turns off. If the Model Y was already turned off when you turned it on manually, it will turn off after 60 minutes.

4. Ambient Lights:

When you turn on AMBIENT LIGHTS, the interior ambient lights turn on anytime the headlights (if you have the premium package) are turned on. Press Controls > Lights > Steering Wheel Lights to adjust the backlighting on the steering wheel buttons. When the headlights are turned on, they do not turn on if they are turned off.

5. Auto High Beam:

When you enable Auto High Beam, your Model Y will automatically transition from high to low beam headlights when light is detected in front of it.

6. Headlights after Exit

When you turn on the headlights after exiting the Model Y, the external lights stay on for a short time after you stop driving and park in low-light conditions.

7. Steering Wheel Lights

In low ambient lighting circumstances, the arrows associated with the scroll buttons are backlit if Steering Wheel Lights are turned on.


Reading Lights

Two reading lamps are located over the door and adjacent to the coat hangers in the second row seating area. By pressing the lens of a reading light, you may turn it on or off. When the Model Y is turned off, the reading light will turn off as well.

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