Removing Rocks/Debris From Brake Shield On Tesla Model 3

If you hear a Tesla Model 3 scraping sound or a grinding noise from the vehicle's brakes or wheels while driving (even at extremely low speeds), a rock or debris has become stuck between the brake rotor and brake shield.

  • Brake rotor
  • Brake shield

The Tesla Model 3 brake noise is caused by debris or rock between the rotor and dust schield, scratching as it rotates with the wheel. This circumstance has no bearing on braking performance, however the rock or debris should be removed as quickly as possible.

Instructions to clean out any debris or rock from the brake shield:

Warning: Brake components may be hot if the car was recently driven. Do not handle hot brake components to avoid physical injury.

    • Put the car into Park.
    • Remove the aero cover from the wheel, if applicable.
    • Wear gloves before arefully pushing on the top, sides, and bottom of the brake shield until the debris has fallen out.

Caution: Avoid damaging the brake shield or wheel with tools or objects. And to avoid permanently bending it, do not press too hard.

If you want to remove the aero wheel cover, have a look at our wheel cap and lug nut covers kit and our wheel rim protector. These accessories will help you change the aesthetic of your car while protecting your wheels.

Note: If the foregoing approach failed to dislodge the rock or debris, drive gently while alternating between Drive and Reverse (drive forwards for a few seconds, stop, then slowly drive backwards for a few seconds). Repeat this process numerous times or until the noise has gone away, making sure to do it in a safe area and keeping a close eye on your surroundings. If the problem persists, contact Tesla or make a service appointment through your mobile app.


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