How to Summon Your Tesla Model Y ?

Summoning your Tesla Model Y is a convenient feature that allows you to move the vehicle in and out of tight parking spaces or other difficult areas using your smartphone or key fob. This guide will walk you through the steps to summon your Model Y safely and efficiently.

What is Tesla Summon?

Tesla Summon is a feature that enables your Tesla to autonomously move in and out of parking spaces. There are two main types of Summon:

  1. Classic Summon: Moves the car in a straight line forward or backward.
  2. Smart Summon: Allows the car to navigate more complex environments and come to you within a certain range.

Requirements for Using Summon

Before you can use Summon, ensure the following:

  • Firmware: Your Model Y must be equipped with the latest software update.
  • Tesla App: You need the Tesla app installed on your smartphone, logged in with your Tesla account.
  • Connectivity: The vehicle must have a stable internet connection via Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Steps to Summon Your Tesla Model Y

Using Classic Summon

  1. Open the Tesla App:

    • Launch the Tesla app on your smartphone and log in with your Tesla account.
  2. Select Your Vehicle:

    • Tap on your Model Y in the app to access its controls.
  3. Activate Summon:

    • Tap on the "Summon" button. The app will prompt you to hold down either the "Forward" or "Reverse" button to move the car in the desired direction.
  4. Control the Car:

    • Hold the button until the car reaches the desired position. Release the button to stop the car.

Using Smart Summon

  1. Open the Tesla App:

    • Launch the Tesla app on your smartphone and select your Model Y.
  2. Activate Smart Summon:

    • Tap on the "Summon" button, then select "Smart Summon."
  3. Set Your Destination:

    • Use the map on the screen to set the destination where you want your car to go.
  4. Initiate Smart Summon:

    • Hold down the "COME TO ME" button or draw a path on the map for your car to follow. The car will navigate autonomously to the specified location.
  5. Monitor the Summon:

    • Keep an eye on the car's movement and surroundings to ensure safety. You can stop the car at any time by releasing the button.

Safety Tips

  • Stay Alert: Always monitor the car and its surroundings while using Summon.
  • Avoid Obstacles: Ensure there are no obstacles in the car's path.
  • Limited Range: Summon works only within a short range, typically around 12 meters (40 feet) for Classic Summon and up to 60 meters (200 feet) for Smart Summon.
  • Clear Line of Sight: Maintain a clear line of sight to the vehicle whenever possible.

Additional Resources

For more detailed instructions and visual aids, refer to the official Tesla Model Y Owner's Manual:

By following these steps and guidelines, you can effectively and safely use the Summon feature on your Tesla Model Y. Enjoy the convenience and advanced technology that Tesla offers!

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