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    Most Tesla owners would agree that when they buy a Tesla, they are not just buying a car, they are buying the Tesla lifestyle. This electric vehicle comes with top-notch features that transforms the traditional experience of driving. And when you include Talsem’s range of Tesla accessories in various designs, styles, and functionalities, it further enhances the operating proficiency for Tesla owners. What’s more, these add-ons give every Tesla a unique and classy touch.

    Incorporating Tesla accessories is based on personal style and function, and Talsem has a wide selection of sophisticated and demonstrably useful accessories for everyone!

    Roof racks and sunshades are indispensable Tesla accessories. Roof racks are versatile and offer a sporty look and several uses for extra storage. What you can’t fit in the trunk or frunk, you can fit on the roof with a multi-installation roof rack kit that can carry up to 65kg of sporting and camping gear, or other larger items. The roof racks are easy to install and remove, so they do not need to be a permanent fixture on the vehicle. If you simply want pack in bicycles for an outdoor adventure, Talsem’s suction bike rack is an adjustable two-bike rack and quick addition for secure transport.

    One of the best sellers in our Tesla accessories range, is the Tesla glass skylight sunshade. Whether you are driving and want to block out UV rays or camping and want to shut out light from a bright moon or the campground, the Tesla sunshade is a tough mesh net and a snug fit. You may easily manage the light filtering and it is effortlessly set up, removed, and stored. This trendy and useful sunshade is an upgrade from the conventional sunshades that are awkward to fold up and keep out the way.

    If you want to look after the carpet interior of your Tesla, then floor mats are an essential pick from our collection of Tesla accessories. There is a big difference between buying entry range mats that are low quality versus getting mats designed specifically for Teslas and are made to last. Talsem’s all weather floor mats for the Model Y and trunk mats for the Model Y, Model 3, and Model S are manufactured with quality materials to do the job. These mats prevent residual moisture and dirt escaping to the carpet and they are easy to clean, durable, and non-toxic. If you don’t get time to wash and vacuum your Tesla often, then getting all the protective mats will be a long-term reward. It will especially help if you regularly have passengers, transport pets, go camping or hiking, and do weekly shopping.

    By giving a home to small and scattered items, your Tesla will not only look clean and tidy, but you will know where everything is when you need it. A compartment tray, hidden storage box, and central organizer are just some of the Tesla accessories that offer effective storage where you can keep coins, cards, and vanity items, or go covert and securely hide valuables in a more obscure spot.

    We also offer Tesla accessories for comprehensive protection. Covers for the Tesla vehicle, wheels, seats, touchscreen, and other interior and exterior parts is a priority for most Tesla owners. Whether it is to protect the paint from external elements, scratching and damage, seats from spillage and staining, or scuffing and marking, several different covers are available to cover every aspect.

    A selection of Tesla accessories are also on offer to address connectivity needs. Most people need their communication devices to be charged and accessible at any time of time – and this includes when you are driving around in a Tesla. USB Connectivity hubs and chargers that are compatible with Tesla models are highly useful in keeping you and your passengers connected to the world while you’re on the road.

    It is clear the many different Tesla accessories are both stylish and practical, which enhances the Tesla experience for every driver. More and more Tesla owners are customizing their cars with Tesla accessories. So, go ahead and define your own Tesla lifestyle fitted with personal aesthetics and fixtures!  Tesla accessories are small purchase to protect a big investment.