Tesla Model Y Exterior Accessories

Tesla Model Y Exterior Accessories

    From genuine carbon fiber parts to body kits to transform your ride from anonymous to famous, we provide a huge collection of Tesla Model Y exterior accessories. Below you can find a list of some of the fascinating Tesla Model Y exterior accessories offered by TALSEM:
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    Side Rockers Paint Protection Film

    Protect your car’s rocker panels with the simple application of the five-step paint protection film, an essential Tesla Model Y exterior accessories.


    While driving, the side rocker panels of your Tesla Model Y tend to get damaged due to snow, dirt, sand, and rocks, causing the paint to chip off. 

    Prevent further damage by applying this Tesla Model Y exterior accessory on your vehicle's body with these five steps:

    • Clean

    • Peel

    • Spray

    • Align

    • Squeegee 

    Carbon Fiber License Plate

    This lightweight and ultra-sturdy Tesla Model Y exterior accessory is carefully engineered with the utmost care and attention to ensure the durability you are looking for.  

    This easy-to-install Tesla Model Y carbon fiber part has an exterior locking screw to prevent theft and is made of marine-grade HDPE to withstand years of abuse.

    Power Frunk (Front Trunk) Opener

    Presenting Model Y electric power frunk kit (Mark 4.0), a must-have Tesla Model Y exterior accessory. 

    Eliminate the need to slam your front trunk to lock it with this ingenious, hands-free power frunk. This Tesla Model Y electronic accessory opens and closes your car’s frunk automatically by simply touching the display screen in your car or with the Tesla key fob. 

    You can also download the Tesla app or use voice shortcut commands in the Tesla remote app to open or close your Model Y front trunk via the power frunk accessory.

    Exterior Rear Bumper Reflectors, LED Brake Lights & LED Turn Indicator

    Increase your Tesla Model Y’s visibility by installing the fishbone pattern LED lights. The rear bumper reflectors represent one of the best features of Tesla Model Y exterior accessories. 

    Upgrade your Tesla Model Y lighting from regular bumper reflectors and into functional LED brake lights and LED signal outward running light indicators. 

    By installing these exterior accessories, you gain two additional tail lights, ensuring maximum safety when driving your Tesla Model Y in the dark or in poor weather conditions.

    Ultra-Premium 100% Genuine Dry Molded Real Carbon Fiber Performance Spoiler

    Made in California, Tesla, in collaboration with Maier Racing, has handcrafted the 4" rear carbon fiber performance spoiler, a hand-laid woven and UV coated Tesla Model Y exterior accessory. 

    Tesla Model Y performance spoiler serves as a strong impact-resistant carbon fiber accessory that comes in a beautiful glossy or matte finish.