Tesla Model X Interior Accessories

Tesla Model X Interior Accessories


    TALSEM offers a range of Tesla Model X interior accessories so you can find exactly what you need to make your Tesla as clean and comfortable as possible.

    Whether you're looking for a wheel rim protector set or want ultra-bright LED lighting upgrade for your car, we've got what you need. Browse our selection of the best Tesla Model X interior accessories today to find out more about these exciting new additions:

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    Tesla Model X Key Card Cover

    TALSEM’s range of Tesla Model X interior accessories are made from the highest quality materials available. Our key card covers are created with premium leather, adding a touch of luxury to your vehicle. This interior accessory fits over the top of your existing Tesla Model X keys and can be used as replacements for ones that have worn out or been lost completely.

    Tesla XBOX Style Game Controller

    TALSEM have been working on a range of Tesla Model X interior accessories that will allow the user to make the most out of their vehicle. Our Tesla XBOX style game controller is a perfect example of this. This Tesla Model X electronic accessory can be used with a wide range of console devices and will connect via Bluetooth, avoiding messy wires.

    Tesla Model X Performance Pedal Set

    The Tesla Model X performance pedal set is a wonderful interior accessory that enhances performance and comfort. If you have been struggling with the throttle pedal in your Tesla, then this is going to be fantastic for you.

    Tesla Model X Glass Skylight Blind Shading Net

    TALSEM's range of interior accessories will also help if you are looking at updating your car's interiors without breaking the bank. For example, the glass skylight blind shading net is a popular interior accessory that will add a new flair to your Tesla Model X while also protecting the dash from being damaged.

    Tesla Model X LED Lighting Upgrade

    TALSEM can supply all the most sought-after Tesla Model X interior accessories, including ultra-bright Tesla LED lights that give dramatic visual effects without too much brightness. These Tesla Model X lighting accessories can be installed in your vehicle’s interior and exterior, such as rear lights, front lights (headlights), courtesy light, or boot.

    An Unparalleled Driving Experience Now Even More Luxurious

    TALSEM offers many different options for customizing your vehicle with high-quality Tesla Model X accessories and interior upgrades. The accessories are made following all relevant safety standards and requirements for electrical products; thus, you can have peace of mind about their quality. You will never find inferior materials or shoddy workmanship when it comes to TALSEM’s Tesla Model X interior upgrades.