Tesla Model 3 Accessories

Tesla Model 3 Accessories

It’s no secret that Tesla owners are passionate about their vehicles. While some drivers only need something simple and reliable to get from point A to point B, Tesla drivers want to get the most out of their driving experience. 
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If you’ve recently picked up a Tesla Model 3, you might be wondering what kind of accessories are available. TALSEM is your one-stop-shop for premium Tesla Model 3 aftermarket accessories - from interior upgrades like USB charging hubs to exterior flair like grills and custom headlights.

Aftermarket Accessories vs. Factory Accessories

When looking to spruce up your Tesla Model 3, the available accessories fall into two categories: aftermarket and factory.

The aftermarket accessory market is great for Tesla owners looking to fully personalize their Model 3 and make it truly their own. Some owners may be fine with the factory parts, but others prefer a uniquely modified Tesla.

Those who fall into the second category can find a wide variety of aftermarket accessories here at TALSEM. We have everything you need to make your Tesla Model 3 a truly personal vehicle, rather than one of the thousands of others on the road.

Ways to Upgrade Your Tesla Model 3 with Aftermarket Accessories

Drivers who have previous experience with aftermarket modifications may know just what they need to customize their Tesla Model 3 according to their tastes. But what about those who are new to the customization game?

Here are some Tesla Model 3 cool accessories to consider if you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle:

Tesla Model 3 Interior Accessories

You’ll be spending countless hours behind the wheel of your Tesla Model 3, so why not make it as comfortable and visually appealing as possible?

TALSEM has a vast selection of Tesla Model 3 interior accessories to help you maximize your comfort, such as:

  • Seat covers

  • Armrest storage compartments

  • All-weather floor mats

  • Center console key cardholders

  • Phone mounts

  • Screen protectors

These are just a few of the best Tesla Model 3 accessories we have on offer. Browse through our shop to learn more about how you can customize the interior of your Tesla Model 3.

Electronic Accessories for the Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s reputation as a leader in transportation technology probably had something to do with your decision to purchase a Tesla Model 3.

While the factory vehicle already has plenty of technological gizmos, there are plenty of additional aftermarket Tesla Model 3 electronic accessories available as well, including:

  • Preformatted USB hard drives for dashboard recording and sentry footage

  • Qi-enabled dual wireless chargers

  • Xbox-style game controller

  • Mobile charger connectors

  • Multi-port USB hubs

Carbon Fiber Accessories

The TALSEM line of Tesla Model 3 carbon fiber accessories helps you protect your vehicle in style.

These protective accessories have a sleek look that’s sure to make your Tesla Model 3 stand out amongst the crowd.

Here are a few Tesla Model 3 carbon fiber accessories to consider:

  • Dashboard covers

  • Center console covers and side panels

  • Air conditioning covers

  • Center console armrest covers

  • Leather carbon fiber key card cover and key card case

  • Wind deflectors


  1. Are Tesla Model 3 accessories available in Tesla shops?

    • Yes, Tesla offers a variety of accessories for the Model 3 through their official shop.
  2. What accessories come with the Tesla Model 3?

    • Some common accessories include:
      • All-weather interior liners
      • Center console trays
      • Roof rack
      • Floor mats
      • Sunshades
      • J1772 adapter
      • Phone charging cable

  3. Can you buy Model 3 accessories at Tesla stores?

    • Yes, you can purchase Model 3 accessories directly from Tesla stores or their online shop.

  4. What accessories come with the Tesla Model 3 AWD?

    • The accessories available for the Model 3 AWD are the same as those for other Model 3 variants, including all-weather liners, center console trays, and more.
  5. What accessories come with your Tesla Model 3 charging cable?

    • The Model 3 charging cable typically comes with the Gen 2 Mobile Connector, which includes adapters for basic home and road charging.
  6. What accessories come with the Tesla Model 3 SR+?

    • As of August 2020, the Model 3 SR+ includes accessories such as the mobile charger with a 120V adapter, J1772 adapter, tow hook, wireless phone charging, and USB-C ports.