Tesla Model Y Accessories

Tesla Model Y Accessories

    Tesla Model Y accessories offer customized options to fit any new or seasoned Tesla driver. We offer upgrades and Tesla Model Y aftermarket parts to suit your needs.
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    At Talsem, we aim to calibrate your ride with our wide selection of the best Tesla Model Y accessories. We offer aftermarket interior and exterior accessories including electronics, protection and cover, floor mats, wheel accessories, organizers and more.

    Here are some Tesla Model Y aftermarket accessories and parts to consider if you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle:

    Tesla Model Y Interior Accessories

    TALSEM has a vast selection of Tesla Model Y interior accessories to help you maximize your comfort, such as:

    • Steering wheel wraps

    • Seat covers

    • Screen protectors

    • Cabin camera covers

    Our list of the best Tesla Model Y interior accessories keeps going. The best part about these Tesla Model Y aftermarket accessories is that you won’t be amiss with whatever you need. 

    We have our selection on hand so that you don’t have to wait and wonder what your EV is missing.

    Tesla Model Y Exterior Accessories

    Look over our huge selection of Tesla Model Y exterior accessories and start formulating your upgrade projects. 

    No matter how you envision your vehicle, we have the best Tesla Model Y exterior accessories to make it a reality.

    Here are a few exterior Tesla Model Y parts to consider:

    • Roof racks

    • Mud flaps

    • Spoilers

    • Bike ramps

    Carbon Fiber Accessories

    If you want to add a sporty look to your car, our Tesla Model Y carbon fiber accessories are what you need! 
    Carbon fiber is one of the strongest materials in the world, so you know it’s not going to simply crack or break.

    Here are a few of our aftermarket Tesla Model Y carbon fiber accessories to consider:

    • Dashboard covers

    • Rear spoilers

    • Air conditioning covers

    • Center console covers