Your Tesla Model 3 Buying Guide

Your Tesla Model 3 Buying Guide

Since the Tesla Model 3 went on sale in 2017, there have been revisions to the new models' specifications and manufacturing locations, and there are now a lot more used cars available for purchase. The Tesla Model 3 is the vehicle you desire, but it is worthwhile to consider the alternatives quickly if you are looking at new or almost new Model 3 vehicles.


The Model 3 is a medium-sized sedan or saloon with few direct competitors in the EV market because most other models in this price range have a hatchback. Perhaps the Ford Mach E and Polestar 2, but the BMW i4 will be the major rival because it combines the performance required to compete with the Tesla.

New or used?


When you buy new, you receive the newest technology and a car that has just left the manufacturer. The Performance model of the 2021 Model 3 now has an upgraded battery, and it also comes with a heated steering wheel. Additionally, all 2021 vehicles have heat pumps, which were previously only seen on the Model Y. Tesla now adopts model years, though there may be smaller adjustments at any time.

Tesla CPO:

You can't inspect the car before buying it, but you do get an additional year of warranty. Prices are frequently incredibly competitive.

Demo car:

Ex-demo vehicles from Tesla are frequently sold as new, even though they are typically slightly older models from the previous model year. They still provide good value with a recent warranty.

Buying privately:

This may be a wise choice, especially if you're buying a one-owner vehicle that's between one and two years old. The owner will most likely be educated and eager to provide excellent advise, and the car will normally be under warranty unless mileage exempt.

Recent changes

Although there have been a lot of tweaks throughout the years, the Model 3 has not had a facelift in the traditional sense. The 2021 model year, which featured several rather major technical upgrades in addition to the noticeable change to the car trim, was the most important update. The improvements may not all be included in automobiles for the 2021 model year that are delivered at the end of 2020 because they did not all take place at once. At the end of 2021, more battery changes, modifications to the MCU processor (the introduction of the Ryzen MCU), adjustments to the motors, etc. took place. 

Tesla's Model 3 is one of the most energy efficient EVs.

Battery size and range

Following with a mix of rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive specifications were the Standard Range Plus, Medium range, Long range, and performance models. The Long Range and Performance variants came with a complete complement of premium features, including back heated seats, higher-end sound systems, and a bigger battery that can charge a little bit more quickly.

The Model 3 is among the more energy efficient EVs available, but because of its efficiency, any increases in inefficiency can be amplified. As the weather, driving habits, and speed can all significantly alter the range that is available, the WLTP and EPA test findings are likewise somewhat limited in what they can tell you.

Watch out for car models and the country of manufacturing. Tesla has supplied the same model of car with varying sized batteries. The 82kwh BT42 battery was sent with the Model 3 Long Range models from the US, however the 75kwh BT38 battery was shipped with the models from China. These vehicles aren't necessarily better or worse, but it's important to note that a video of an M3P in America could not be the same as an M3P in your country.

Tesla Model 3 Interior

Which model?

The Standard Range+ or SR+ /or Model 3 or Model 3 RWD

This vehicle only has rear-wheel drive, has the lowest battery, and has fewer options than others, including no heated steering wheel until 2021 and no hifi. Additionally, it is available with a tow bar. With the efficiency of a single motor design, the range with the 2022 battery upgrade became comparable to the earlier Long-Range automobiles. The battery in some locations changed to a different type that was pleased to be charged to 100% on a regular basis.

The Long Range or LR

With better range, all-wheel drive, a heated steering wheel, top-of-the-line hifi, and the option to get the performance/acceleration boost, which delivers performance close to that of the Performance model, especially above 30mph, this is the greatest value. If the roads in your area are poor quality, the wheels are also far more forgiving than the performance model, and even if they are, the ride is smoother. Additionally, it is available with a tow bar.

The Performance or M3P.

The drive train is comparable to the Long Range's, however this version has marginally better motors and software unlocked for somewhat improved performance. In addition to having larger wheels and brakes, a higher peak speed, some testing claim that the suspension is also somewhat lower. A track mode is also available. A tow bar cannot be added to it.


The Long Range is the most economical option. The performance may be practically on par with the M3P for relatively little money, and it has all the amenities available, including heated steering wheels. The price difference varies depending on the country, but in most cases, the M3P costs significantly more than the LR. Some people feel that the larger wheels degrade the ride quality, even though it does look nicer. Depending on what you desire, the SR+ is a terrific entry-level vehicle.