The New Model 3 2021

The New Model 3 2021

Tesla is breathing new life into its Model 3 design but making a few upgrades and changes. This version of the Model 3 is listed as the 2021 model year – something Tesla has avoided doing in the past. The Model 3 2021 is being manufactured at the Fremont factory and a Twitter user recently spotted the new model changes.

This year there has been a lot of talk about an update to the Model 3 and its all finally come to fruition. Rumor first started when Tesla updated the Model 3 frunk and subsequently applied to manufacture the electric vehicle in a chrome delete in China. Since then a whole bunch of changes were marked for the new 2021 Model 3 that also included a chrome delete to the exterior trim and a powered trunk gate, just like the one installed in the Model Y.

In addition to the changes in the new Model 3 are the interior is seeing a big change with different upholstery on the top of the vehicle which seems to be a more darker material. Another drastic change comes with the replacement of a totally new center console. Firstly, Tesla replaced the glossy piano black finish with a matte finish. The current Model 3 console comprises three separate sections built into one piece, but in the new 2021 new console, the unit appears to come in two pieces instead of one. The top section where the phone is charged at the top is designed very different with a chrome trim wrapping the second section. Additionally, instead of a lid that flips open, it now has a sliding door like the one found in the Model S and X console. Also, the cup holders do not have a chrome trim and they are positioned higher on the section with an opening. The phone charger area is a solid piece that cannot flip and down and has faux leather and a center covered in a suede-like material.

Another change revolves around the windows. Tesla changed the windows with a new double-paned glass to help isolate noise. The recently spotted Model 3 2021 is also coming out with new wheels similar to Tesla’s 19’’ Sport Wheels for the Model 3 but it comes with some slight differences that might be mistaken for a wheel cap. While the spokes look the same, the new design shows to have a larger rim that meets the spoke flat. The new design means there is a lot less open space in the wheel and indicates it should promote aerodynamics to improve efficiency.

This new version rollout is a somewhat new strategy for the electric car manufacturer and now without being able to contact Tesla’s PR team for confirmation of the new features, we’ll just have to wait for an announcement from Tesla boss Elon Musk that the Fremont factory is delivering the new 2021 version. There is no confirmation either about the timing of deliveries for the Model 3’s updated features but talk about town implies the new 2021 version is rolling off the assembly in Fremont.

These new changes have come from various anonymous sources either leaked from China or that were visually noted over recent days. However, we can be rest assured that Tesla lets time reveal its plans and the new Model 3 2021 will be announced sooner or later to give new owners a refreshed design of one of its current fleet vehicles.