Tesla's Model 3 Rules the Global EV Sales for June

Tesla's Model 3 Rules the Global EV Sales for June

Model 3 by Tesla is still the number one car on the global electric vehicle list.

The Global Top 20 Electric Vehicle sales for June 2020 displays a wide variety of electric vehicles from different carmakers.

Tesla's Model 3 maintains the first place on the list, while Model Y and Model X are in the 14th and 15th positions.

Model 3 is the most sold electric car for 2020 in general, holding 15% of the total market share of EVs.

Also, this is Tesla's most affordable vehicle, and the company sold 35,854 units in June, which is two and a half times more than the sales of Renault Zoe, the second car on the list.

As for the total number of Model 3 sales for this year, Tesla can proudly announce the sale of 142,300 units.

The success of Model 3 is not surprising, knowing that this car offers high-end performance and the most advanced technology while maintaining the price of a family sedan suitable for every pocket.

Model 3 is the best choice for families or individuals who want to join the expanding Tesla family.

Although Model 3 has been ruling the rankings for a while, the newest Tesla car, Model Y, is walking firmly towards success.

From the fourteenth spot, this mesmerizing model offers a spacious interior, flawless design, and impressive performance.

In June, the company sold 7,500 units, which sums up to a total of 12,415 in 2020. Have in mind that Model Y was released during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Tesla officials, they are expecting Model Y to surpass the success of Model 3.

Peeking from the fifteenth place, we have the falcon SUV Model X, reporting a sale of 3,599 units in June, and 12,461 units this year.

Electric vehicle sales in June dropped by 22%. The percentage looks terrifying, but the electric carmakers still registered 230,000 sales altogether.

The electric vehicle sale number for June is the third-best score in the last eighteen months, so the 22% downfall is not as drastic after all.

The overall car sales this year have dropped by 28%, and a lot of carmakers are facing economic loss because of the coronavirus crisis.

The only car industry that's doing more than good this year is Tesla, thanks to the brilliant inventions of Elon Musk and his teams, and the constant improvement of their advanced technology.

Tesla reported profits in the first two quarters of this year, and automotive experts predict a continuous economic and technological growth of the company in the following years.