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    Tesla Model 3 Key Ring - Go Cardless


      Getting into your Tesla Model 3 has never been simpler (and cool)! This Tesla smart key ring can lock and unlock your Model 3 with a smooth wave of your hand.

      All the communication is encrypted and secured by a private key, so no one else can remotely open or lock your car. No more fumbling for your key at the door, no more mess!


      A more convenient key for your Tesla

      The perfect accessory for your Tesla, this Model 3 ring key is the easiest way to get into your car. Our smart ring key is the perfect replacement and back up for your key fob. 

      To start using it, you just need to go to the locks menu of your Tesla dashboard and add your Model 3 ring key following the same process as adding a Tesla key card.

      Extremely convenient, it can be worn on your finger so you won't ever have to take it out of your pocket or bag. 

      With radio-frequency identification (RFID) built inside the ring, you will never have to search through your pocket or find your phone when unlocking your door! You can touch it lightly to your Model 3's door handle and the door will unlock.

      It's also water-resistant so you won't have to worry about rain or humidity affecting your ring key. No more fussing around with cards and phones! 

      And no charging required!

      A Cardless Tesla experience

      Look great and enjoy additional convenience and security with our Tesla Model 3 smart ring key. This ring is designed for minimalists with a modern aesthetic. Beautifully designed and crafted from high-quality ceramic materials, our smart ring creates a simple, elegant accessory for your Tesla Model 3.

      Unlike many other NFC key fobs, the chip inside the ring matches precisely the factory keycards for Tesla Model 3. This means that the ring will unlock your Tesla as quickly as the factory keycard.

      A special gift for any Tesla Model 3 owner

      It’s time you open the door to a seamless keyless entry experience. Our smart Tesla ring is more than just a wearable “key”—it’s a fashion statement too. 

      It can also be a wonderful gift for a loved one or anyone who owns Tesla Model 3.

      Committed to providing you with the best quality products, we believe this smart ring key will greatly improve your driving experience and add a touch of elegance to your Model 3.



      Packaging Includes

      • One Tesla Model 3 smart ring key in a jewel box



      •  Zirconia ceramics


      • Compatible with Tesla Model 3



      Why do I need this Model 3 smart ring key?

      This Model 3 ring key is the next step in the evolution of the wireless key system. It is very easy to use - simply put it against your door handle, and the ring will automatically send an "OK" signal to your vehicle that will lock/unlock it for you! 

      How do I measure the finger size for this ring?

      Take a piece of string (make sure it’s a thin one!) and wrap it around the finger on the exact spot you will be wearing the ring on. Using a marker, mark the point where the strings intersect and using a ruler, measure the length - that’s the circumference of your finger at the root. Now do the same measurement a few more times (we recommend at least 3 times) and take the average.

      However, if you are already wearing a ring, there is an easier way to measure the size. Just take out your ring, and using a string, mark the inner diameter. Then using a ruler, find out the length of the string. Make sure to measure a few times and take an average!

      Once you have your finger circumference (and ring inner diameter size), you can use the sizing chart below to find out what ring size you want to order!


      What makes this smart ring key a must-have accessory for my Tesla Model 3?

      This Tesla smart ring key is designed to do one thing. Give you easy access to your Model 3 effortlessly. 

      We know there are thousands of options when it comes to "smart" solutions for your keyless entry system, yet most are complicated and don't actually make the process of accessing your Tesla any more convenient. Our desire was to create something with no setup or pairing required. Just put it on, pair it up, and it's ready to go.

      How safe is this ring technology for my Tesla Model 3?

      This smart ring key combines elegant design, top-notch functionality, and unparalleled security. It uses the same RFID chip found in the factory key card of Tesla Model 3, keeping your Tesla as secure as your Tesla Keycard.

      Is this ring functional when my phone and keycard are in my pocket? Or is there any interference?

      It works without any interference and this Model 3 smart ring key never fails! With this ring on your finger, you’ll never have to waste your time digging in your pockets for the key card or rummaging through your phones anymore. With radio-frequency identification (RFID) built inside the ring, it quickly responds as soon as you hold it against your car, unlocking it immediately and making your life easy and simple.

      Does this Tesla ring key functionality work on all Tesla models?

      No! This Tesla Ring is compatible with Tesla Model 3 only. 

      Where do I find the pairing instructions for my Tesla Ring?

      The procedure of pairing the Tesla Model ring key is very simple and the same as adding the Tesla keycard. Go to the locks menu, hit the little plus, and follow the directions.

      How durable is the Tesla Model 3 smart ring key?

      Tesla rings are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and are virtually impossible to break by dropping them or gripping them.

      Even though these rings are not fragile, it's never a bad idea to keep the polished finish looking nice over the years. Almost all of the things you do in your daily life are fine. It's best to keep the ring away from harsh chemicals and rough handling, as this can cause the finish to deteriorate and thereby compromise the ring's integrity. 

      Can I wear this Tesla ring key on any finger?

      This ring actually feels comfortable and doesn't make your finger turn green. Although we recommend not wearing the ring on the middle finger because it is longer than other fingers, resulting in more distance between the ring and the reader, which can result in poorer reading performance. Other than that, it can be worn on any other finger of your choice!

      Does it require charging? If so, how do I charge this ring?

      This ring uses a cutting-edge RFID chat that does not require any charging. Just pair it with your Tesla and enjoy a seamless experience for years to come.