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Tesla model 3 back seat protector on a white background
Tesla model 3 back seat protector being lifted by a human hand
Inside of a Tesla model 3 showing our back seat protectors applied when seats are folded

    Tesla Model 3 Second Row Seats Back Cover Mats


      The Talsem Model 3 seat covers are ideal for maximum protection against wear and tear, and to safeguard against scuff marks when transporting goods or animals in your Tesla Model 3

      Install the seat protectors on the back of the second-row seats when folded down and they will provide the ultimate defense against damage when set in any position.


      Compatible with Tesla Model 3



      When seats are up

      While out trunk mats will do a great job protecting the floor of your model 3 trunk, when things start to pile up you may have noticed that there is nothing to protect the carpet on the back of your seats. On the long run, some lines and dirt marks will appear and be difficult to remove.

      When seats are folded down

      When you need that extra space to carry lengthy items in your trunk, our Tesla Model 3 back seat protectors will offer a full protection of your carpets and allow you to fit anything without worrying about damaging your back seats. 

      Protect the value of your car

      Whether you are frequently using your trunk to transport groceries or your pets, without a proper protection, your Tesla Model 3 back seats and trunk floor will get irreversible damage that will bring the value of your car down and make it harder the day you want to resell your car. 


      No tools are required for this installation, you just need to fold your Tesla Model 3 back seats and apply the protector mats on the back of your seats. 


      Made of polyurethane.

      Color available: Black.

      Packaging contains: 2 pieces, left and right second row seats back cover. 



      Is the Tesla Model 3 back seat covers compatible with the Talsem Back trunk floor liners?

      Absolutely, you can use our model 3 back trunk floor mats and our back seat protectors at the same time.

      Can I remove the Model 3 back seat protector mats and put it back?

      Yes, our back seat mats can be easily removed and put back on when you need to clean them.