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Dashboard cover in Carbon Fiber For Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y Interior TALSEM Carbon Fiber
Dash Cap Carbon Fiber installed in a Tesla Model 3 Interior TALSEM
Dash Cap Carbon Fiber installed in a Tesla Model 3 Interior TALSEM
Dash Cap Pearl White installed in a Tesla Model 3 Interior TALSEM
Dash Cap Pearl White installed in a Tesla Model 3 Interior TALSEM
Dashboard Cover For Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y Interior TALSEM White
Tesla Model 3/Y Dashboard Cover Interior TALSEM
Tesla Model 3/Y Dashboard Cover Interior TALSEM

    Tesla Model 3 dashboard cover (2017-2020)


      If you love the aesthetic of your Tesla Model 3 but are bored of the old-fashioned wood dashboard that has started to look weathered and worn, you have come to the right place. Our dashboard cover is a must-have if you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and luxury to your vehicle. To ensure a high level of comfort, our luxury dashboard caps are not just easy to install, but also sturdy and robust. Plus, we’ve included a variety of designs so you can find the one that’s best for you.


      Customize for a new look

      Wish you had a dark dash? No Problem! Now you can cover your wood dash with an exquisite durable plastic dash cover. You will love the new look and texture that have been carefully crafted to fit flawlessly on your Tesla Model 3 wood dashboard. 

      By giving your dashboard an interesting addition, you’ll add a personalized touch to your interior, and bring out the true elegance of your favorite electric car. Not only will it make your vehicle seem more expensive, but it will also make it much more enjoyable to ride in.


      Keep your dashboard in top-notch condition


      You deserve a dashboard cover that matches the aesthetics and sophistication of your car. 

      Ensure that your Model 3 dashboard is not damaged by scratches and scarring that can ruin the elegance of your dashboard. White dust will no longer be a problem, nor will stubborn scratches, as our cap is extremely durable and will not cut easily, guaranteeing an incredibly long time of protection.

      Having a custom dashboard cap isn't just about style; it's also about protection. Rather than just being a stylish dashboard cap for the show, our dashboard cover is multi-functional. It protects the vulnerable areas of your dash from everyday wear and tear, whether you're transporting passengers or hauling cargo.



      A breeze to install and long-lasting


      Keeping your Tesla Model 3 dashboard looking new is a challenge. Our premium-quality wood dashboard cap covers offer a fast, easy and affordable fix! In just a few minutes, you can upgrade your Model 3's dashboard and make it look new!

      Carefully crafted from durable, impact-resistant plastic, our dashboard cap cover for Tesla Model 3 perfectly matches the finish and color of your car's interior and is designed to last for years. What’s more? Due to its custom design, it seamlessly blends into the air vents and the dashboard so it doesn't stand out or look out of place.


        Packaging Includes

        • One dashboard cap cover



        • ABS plastic


        • Compatible with Tesla Model 3 (2017-2020)


        Does it take a lot of effort to install the dashboard cap cover? 

        Accessorize your Tesla Model 3 with our elegant Dashboard Cap Cover specifically designed to cover up your wood dashboard. This is a very affordable dash cap that you can install yourself in just a few minutes! It's simple to attach the dash cap cover to your Tesla Model 3 as long as you clean the wood surface on your vehicle, align the dash cap cover with the existing dashboard, and then press gently. 

        Why is the Dashboard Cap Cover a necessity for Tesla Model 3?

        This one-piece, custom design dashboard cap for Tesla Model 3 is effortless to install. It protects from scratches and eliminates smudges from dirty fingers. It makes the interior of the Tesla Model 3 look clean and adds a more luxurious feel. For Tesla owners who are interested in keeping their luxury vehicle running at its best, this accessory is highly recommended. 

        Can this dashboard cap cover withstand heavy use?

        Ensure the safety of your dashboard with one of our car dashboard accessories. These covers are made of durable ABS plastic, which ensures that they will look great for years to come and will also provide you with unmatched performance. 

        This dashboard cap cover fits my style, but I'm unsure whether it will look good with my interior. Is this something I should be concerned about?

        Not at all! You no longer have to be confused about the cap cover to match your interior with our cutting-edge product. With this cap, you will significantly improve the visual value of your Tesla, as it has a perfect fit and matches the interior of your car perfectly. As you drive down the street, you're sure to attract the attention of fellow drivers and pedestrians alike with this easy-to-install dash cover.

        Will this dashboard cap cover fit my Tesla Model S? 

        Unfortunately, the answer is no. This dashboard cap cover has been specially designed for Tesla Model 3 (2017-2020) and therefore it will not fit Model S, Model Y, and the new Tesla Model 3 (2021-2022).

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