Wipers and Washers Tesla Model Y


To use the windshield wipers for a single wipe, press and release the button at the end of the left-hand steering column lever. Touch the windshield wiper icon in the "Cards" area of the touchscreen to alter the continuous wiper settings. The wiper card shows the state of the wipers right now.

Note: When you use the wipers, the headlights turn on automatically (assuming they weren't already on).

Caution: Before turning on the windshield wipers, make sure the hood is completely closed to avoid harming it.

  1. Turn the wipers on or off.
  2. Adjust the speed of the wipers.
  • 1: Intermittent, slow
  • 2: Intermittent, fast
  • 3: Continuous, slow
  • 4: Continuous, fast
  • AUTO: The Model Y can tell if it's raining or not. When the wipers are set to AUTO and fluid is detected on the windshield, the Model Y will determine the best level for wiping. The wipers do not wipe if the Model Y does not detect any fluid on the windscreen.

Note: Currently, the AUTO setting is in BETA. If you are in doubt about using AUTO while in the BETA period, it is recommended to use one of the first four wiper speeds, as needed.

Note: If the AUTO option is selected but the wipers become unavailable, the wipers switch to the manual setting (one of the first four settings) that is closest to the most recently calculated AUTO wiping frequency. The wipers turn off if the most recent wiping frequency cannot be determined.

Caution: To avoid damaging the wipers, make sure they are turned off before washing the Model Y.

Check and clean the wiper blades' edges on a regular basis. If a blade becomes damaged, it must be replaced right away.

Caution: Before turning on the wipers, clear the ice off the windshield. The rubber on the blades might be damaged by the sharp edges of ice. In cold weather, make sure the wiper blades aren't frozen or stuck to the windshield.

See Checking and Cleaning Wiper Blades.


To spray washer fluid over the windshield, fully press and hold the button on the end of the left-hand steering column lever. The wipers turn on while spraying the windshield. The wipers execute two more wipes once you release the button, then a third wipe a few seconds later.

Periodically top up the washer. See Cleaning Washer Jets.


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