Adjusting Climate Control Settings on Tesla Model Y

To override the Auto option, tap the fan symbol, switch off the Auto setting, and then alter the settings manually using the buttons that display.

When you tap the fan icon when the Model Y is in Park, the Keep Climate On, Dog Mode, and Camp Mode settings appear in addition to the ones shown.

  1. Toggle the Auto setting on or off by touching AUTO.
  2. Press the button to turn off the climate control system.
  3. The fan icon represents the general settings tab, which is displayed by default. To control the front and rear seat heaters, tap the seat heater symbol.
  4. Choose where the air enters the cabin (windshield, face-level, or foot-level vents). You have the option of selecting multiple locations. When air is routed to the foot-level vents, it continues to flow to the windshield vents to help defog the windshield. Air does not flow to the windshield when it is directed to the face-level vents.
  5. Toggle the air flow to the back of the cabin on or off. When the vents in the back of the centre console are turned on, air pours out.
  6. The air flow from the front passenger vent can be adjusted by touching it.
  7. Choose how air is sucked into Model Y by touching the screen. When turned on, the air inside the Model Y is recirculated. If this switch is turned off, outside air is pulled into the Model Y.
  8. Press + or - to increase or decrease the speed of the fan. Changing the fan speed can vary the prefered setting for how air is sucked into Model Y, increasing or decreasing air flow.
  9. To turn on or off the air conditioning system, press the button. Turning it off lowers the temperature but saves electricity.
    Note: Because the Model Y is significantly quieter than a gasoline-powered vehicle, the air conditioning compressor may be audible while it is running. Lessen the fan speed to reduce noise.
  10. Adjust the airflow from the driver's vent using your finger.


See Setting the Climate Controls.


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