About the Braking Systems Tesla Model Y

Warning: It is vital to have properly functioning braking systems in order to stay safe. If you have an issue with your Model Y's brake pedal, brake calliper, or any other component of the braking system, please contact Tesla right away.

When you apply maximum brake pressure to the Model Y, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) protects the wheels from locking. In most driving conditions, this enhances steering control during hard braking.

During emergency braking, the ABS continuously analyses the speed of each wheel and adjusts the brake pressure to the available grip.

A pulsing sensation can be felt through the brake pedal when the brake pressure changes. This shows that the ABS is working properly and is not a cause for concern. While experiencing the pulsation, keep a firm and steady pressure on the brake pedal.

A braking system malfunction has been detected, or the brake fluid level is low, if the touchscreen displays this red brake warning at any time other than briefly when you first start Model Y. Please contact Tesla right away. When it's safe to do so, apply constant pressure and powerful brakes to bring the car to a halt.

See Also Regenerative Braking.

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