Jump Start Model 3 Battery

Caution: The Model 3 is unable to jump start another vehicle. It is possible that this will cause harm.

Note: If you want to jump start your Model 3 with another vehicle, follow the manufacturer's instructions. The instructions below imply the use of an external 12V power supply (example, a portable jump starter).

Caution: When you jump start Tesla Model 3, avoid short circuits. The car can be damaged by connecting wires to the wrong terminals, contacting leads together, and so on.

  • Open the hood.
  • Pull the maintenance panel upwards to free the trim clips that are holding it in place.
  • Pull the cabin intake trim panel upwards to free the trim clips that are holding it in place.
  • Connect the red positive (+) line from the 12V power supply to the red positive (+) connector on the 12V battery.
    Caution: Allowing the positive cable to come into contact with other metal components, such as the battery tie-down bracket, will cause damage to the Model 3.
  • Connect the black negative (-) line from the 12V power supply to the black negative (-) terminal on the 12V battery.
  • Turn on the external power supply (as directed by the manufacturer). To turn it on, touch the touchscreen.
  • Note: It can take a few minutes to get power to activate the touchscreen.
  • Disconnect both cables from the terminals on the 12V battery, starting with the black negative (-) cable, when external 12V power is no longer required.
  • Replace the cabin intake trim panel by reinstalling it in its original spot and securing it with a firm push.
  • Place the maintenance panel back in its original location and fasten it by pressing down until it is secure.
  • Push down the hood to close.

Disclaimer :
Tesla, Inc. was not involved in the development of this document and did not provide any input or otherwise edit, review or authorize it.