Tesla Model 3 Open Hood with no Power

You won't be able to open the front trunk using the touchscreen or mobile app if your Model 3 doesn't have 12V power. To open the front trunk in this case, follow these steps:

Note: The front trunk will not open if the Model 3 is locked and has no power.


  • Find the external 12V power supply (such as a jump starter).
  • Open the cover of the tow eye and press firmly on the top right edge of the cover until it turns inward, then pull the raised section towards you gently.
    Note: Depending on production year of the vehicle, either the positive or negative terminal will be attached to the cover of the tow eye.
  • Pull out the two wires from the opening of the tow eye to expose both of the terminals.
  • On the 12V power supply, connect the red positive (+) cable to the red positive (+) terminal.
  • Then connect the black negative (-) cable to the black negative (-) terminal.
    Note: Apply the external 12V power to the terminals only to release the hood latches. The 12V battery cannot be charged using these terminals.
  • Turn the external power supply on (following the manufacturer’s instructions). The hood latches will be released immediately allowing you to open the hood and gain access to the front trunk.
  • Disconnect both cables by starting with the black negative (-) cable.
  • If you pull the Model 3 onto a flatbed truck, it is important not to replace the cover of the tow eye at this stage. Otherwise, you can replace the cover of the tow eye and insert the wires into the tow eye opening and align the cover into position and turn it into place.

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