Tesla Releases Cool New Features

Tesla Releases Cool New Features

Tesla's latest over-the-air (OTA) update is one of the most significant in terms of new features and in-car experience enhancements, and it includes a slew of additions that Tesla owners have long requested. Tesla has begun rolling out a new software update to its fleet of vehicles. The most recent upgrade is one of the most significant from the automaker, offering a slew of new features.

Disney+, Car Wash mode, hotspot, mirror auto-dim, range display, and other features are included in the new 2021.24 update. It also upgraded the dashcam technology and included three more languages.

When it comes to OTA software updates, the manufacturer is among the industry leaders. Tesla, like the smartphone industry, provides software upgrades for its cars on a regular basis that contain a slew of new features and UI enhancements. In addition, these improvements include new technology. These are aimed for enhancing the in-car and ownership experiences.

Tesla users now have access to the Disney+ streaming service, as well as Netflix and Youtube, via the company's in-car app Tesla Theatre, thanks to the latest update.

All windows will be closed, the charging port will be locked, and the windshield wipers will be disabled in the new Car Wash mode. This will also turn off sentry mode, walk-away door locks, and the parking sensor sound. According to the release notes for the current version, the Free Roll option will shift to Neutral for automatic vehicle washes with conveyor belts, preventing the parking brake from automatically engaging if the driver exits.

The most recent version allows for the activation and deactivation of the auto-dimming feature in Tesla vehicles with auto-dimming mirrors. According to the automaker's release notice, the integrated dashcam system in Tesla cars can now start recording automatically. Previously, drivers had to save an occurrence by pressing the dashcam icon.

The battery % and distance units will now be displayed on the range display. The carmaker has also made it possible to use Wi-Fi networks while driving. This will benefit Tesla customers who do not wish to pay for the company's premium in-car networking service. Three more languages were introduced in the most recent update: Hungarian, Romanian, and Russian.

Latest on Autopilot 

For Tesla customers who use Autopilot or Full Self-Driving, an inside camera mounted to the rearview mirror was recently activated. As a result of previous events involving crashes in which the software was active and Tesla owners who were seen riding in the back seat of a vehicle with Autopilot activated, this is supposed to monitor driver attention.

Autopilot and Full Self-Driving are not yet ready for totally autonomous operation, according to the corporation, and drivers should remain vigilant. For relying too much on the software while driving, it has thrown users out of the Full Self-Driving beta programme. In its most recent beta update, FSD Beta 9.1, Tesla included additional experimental functionality. This offers some new off-highway driving features.

Autopilot, on the other hand, made news in Norway this weekend for all the right reasons.

When the driver of a Model S in Norway became unresponsive after having one too many drinks and passed out while driving, Tesla's Autopilot performed just that. The Autopilot was able to keep the vehicle in its lane until it was safe to pull over and activate the hazard lights until emergency services arrived.

The Austin Tesla Club retweeted a post from user account TESLA_saves_lives showing how the drama unfolded on Norway’s roads:

Tesla owner in Norway suffers unconsciousness while driving, Tesla autopilot detects it, slows, comes to a stop so EMS can help

As a result, it's possible that a fully autonomous self-driving vehicle, if it ever becomes a reality, will save lives.