Tesla’s 10 Most Unique Fun Features

Tesla’s 10 Most Unique Fun Features

Tesla has a reputation in the EV market that is hard to beat. Tesla has always put a unique twist on its vehicles with quirky features in its high-performance vehicles and a conventional approach to not having a marketing and advertising department, or car sales dealerships that have been the norm for decades in the automobile industry.

While the EV market is expanding with more players coming into the game, Tesla still leads the race in what it offers its customers. Here are 10 of Tesla’s most distinctive fun features that sets its apart from other gas-powered and electric vehicles.

1. Most Advanced EV Autopilot

Autopilot has been around since 2015, which started out as an added feature for driving assistance. Autopilot has taken on a new form offering more advanced features and functions that will one day transform into offer full autonomous driving. Rebranded as FSD (Full Self-Driving), the latest innovations are offering more than before. But for now, only select few are able to get their hands on the testing phase until it becomes available to the whole Tesla fleet.

2. Supercharging

Tesla has built its own charging infrastructure that is exclusive to Tesla drivers but also offers supercharging that gives you 200 miles after a 15-minute charge. While other EV manufacturers such as the likes of Jeep and Rivian are starting to build charging networks, they have a way to go until they catch up to Tesla. Currently, Elon Musk’s company has over 25,000 superchargers globally that allows you to pay per minute or by kilowatt.

3. Bioweapon Defense Mode

It may be hard to imagine when this feature would ever be useful but as unbelievable as it sounds, Tesla’s bioweapon defense mode has already had practical uses. During 2020, wild fires ravaged the Californian state and those lucky to have a Tesla Model S or X with the HEPA filtration system could turn their vehicles into a clean and safe breathing cabin. 

4. Dog Mode 

There are many, if any, other vehicles out there with Dog mode. But this is highly practical to ensure your furry friends aren’t overexposed to heat when you need to pop into the shops quickly. When the car is parked, this mode can be enabled to keep the air system cool and it alerts people who are passing by that "My owner will be back soon". So, everyone will know your animals are safe and sound.

5. Sentry Mode

Having a security system for your car is not novel but it’s hard to beat Tesla’s Sentry Mode. It encompasses a range of features. If anyone stands next to the car for a prolonged period, the cameras are activated, classical music starts playing, and a warning appears on the media unit that the car is recording. Sentry Mode has a history of keeping would-be criminals at bay while also recording car break-ins that led to successful arrests.

6. The Frunk

Tesla was the first to make use of the space under the car’s hood where an engine would sit in gas-powered vehicles. While other EVs also utilize that space, Tesla invented the concept of a frunk – the combo of front and trunk that could be used to store just about anything.

7. Caraoke

Tesla even spells it differently – "Car"-oake. The US manufacturer included more entertainment by adding a karaoke function that includes lyrics to popular sing-along songs that appear on the touchscreen when the car is parked.

8. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube

While we’re talking about entertainment, here’s another feature-rich offering from the EV carmaker. It provides accessibility to stream Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. And to make sure drivers aren’t watching their favorite shows while out on the road, the car has to be in park mode to activate the streaming of movies. Great feature to keep you occupied while waiting in your car.

9. Fart Mode 

Another feature that you won’t find in any other car is Tesla’s Fart Mode. You can make your Tesla fart, or at least sound like it's farting. Crazy as if it sounds, you can make the car sound like it’s farting. Officially, the feature is called Emissions Testing Mode. But if you like to pull pranks on those around you, you’ll be one of those drivers who will make good use out of this feature.

10. Easter Eggs

Over and above all the obvious fun features that Tesla offers, there are a host of other surprises hidden throughout the car such as a hidden Christmas jingle and a joke about cowbells. If you’re keen to find out more about these, click on the Wiki page listing all of Tesla’s Easter Eggs.