Tesla's Tentacles Move Into the UK Power Grid

Tesla is now offerings its new Tesla Energy Plan which has the highest Solar Export Guarantee (SEG) tariffs in the UK. Homes that have solar panels installed or Tesla Powerwall battery systems are eligible to join this energy plan and become part of the UK Tesla Virtual Power Plant.

The smart export guarantee (SEG) is an obligation set by the UK government for licensed electricity suppliers to offer a tariff and make payment to small-scale low-carbon generators for electricity exported to the National Grid, providing certain criteria are met.

On 26 October, the Tesla Energy Plan was extended to households with solar and power storage, regardless whether you own an electric vehicle or not. But it now offers the lowest electricity rates in the UK and provide a saving of up to 75% on consumer’s annual electricity bills, based on consumption of 8,000 kWh per year.

Tesla will be managing the electricity generated by the any of the homes’ solar panels, and store it in the battery system to be used later, or it will export any surplus power to the grid, optimising energy consumption to lower electricity bulls, protect homes from power cuts and support the grid during peak times.

All homes will solar will benefit from 100% renewable energy, which is either being directly generated by the home’s rooftop solar or from Octopus Energy, Tesla’s UK retail partner.

Earlier this year, SEG rates were released when the legislation came into effect, and utility provider, Social Energy topped the chart with a price of £0.056/kWh. Now, with Octopus Energy partnering with Tesla, they have beat this rate by offering £0.055/kWh for its outgoing fixed SEG tariff.

Tesla describes the plan on its website:

The Tesla Energy Plan is an energy tariff specifically designed for homes with solar and Powerwall installed, offering 100% clean electricity and savings of up to 75% compared to Big 6 tariffs, based on electricity consumption of 8,000 kWh/year. Electricity bills will differ based on usage.

Tesla’s UK Energy Plan is offering lowering rates to Tesla owners and competitive rates to households with the Powerwall and solar roof technology. A smart way to penetrate the market and offer incentives to join the Tesla EV community.

You are eligible for the £0.08/kWh tariff if you have:
  • A Tesla vehicle
  • Electric Vehicle Charger installed at your home or are able to have one installed
  • Solar panels and Powerwall (or a home suitable for this)
  • Residential electricity supply
  • You are eligible for the £0.11/kWh tariff if you have:
  • Solar panels and Powerwall (or a home suitable for this)
  • Residential electricity supply

The company lists all the benefits of the program:

  • Power your home and EV with 100% clean energy

  • Reduce your electricity bills
  • Support the grid when it needs it most
  • Reduce reliance on the grid
  • Protect your home from power cuts
  • Be part of Tesla´s first UK Virtual Power Plan
  • Receive introductory offers


Octopus Energy will provide all the electricity retail services, including account management and friendly customer support. Octopus Energy is a UK based, 100% clean energy provider renowned for its innovation and industry-leading customer service. It is the only retailer ever rated with 5 stars in every category by Which? magazine. You can also get your natural gas from Octopus Energy if you sign up to the Tesla Energy plan, but this is not mandatory.