Tesla Model Y USB Controller

Tesla Model Y USB Controller

Tesla XBOX Style Game Controller Interior TALSEM Black
XBOX Style Game Controller For Tesla Interior TALSEM

Tesla Game Controller


With the Tesla games library expanding, it is time to upgrade your in-car gaming experience. Play Cuphead and Atari games as if you were playing on a console from your living room's couch. 

Key Features 

  • Play games that require a controller to be played like Cuphead.

  • Plug and play, no driver installation required: Simply connect your controller via USB to the centre console and launch your game. The controller is recognized automatically.

  • Play from the passengers seat: The 2M long cable allow you to play from anywhere in the car. 

  • Ergonomic style controller for an ergonomic design, comfortable grip, vibration technology for a console gaming experience.

  • Prevent you from wearing your tires out while playing with your steering wheel.

  • Kill time while charging your Tesla by playing quality games like Cuphead, Atari games or Beach Buggy Racing 2.

  • Support multiple platforms (Tesla/computer/TV/steam platform)

  • Available in Black 



Technical Features

  • Multiple keys, richer operations
  • Asymmetrical vibration, immersive experience
  • Ergonomic design, comfortable grip
  • Support multiple platforms (Tesla/PC/TV/XBOX)
  • Advanced gaming buttons with dual rumble motors
  • New familiar form factor
  • 6.5 feet (2 meter) wired cable with USB A connector
  • Include Type C adapter


    Plug and Play, no installation required. 

    Step 1: Connect your controller via the USB cable to your centre console. 

    Step 2: Launch a controller compatible game and It will be automatically recognized by the system. 

    List of controller compatible games

    • Atari Games
    • Cuphead
    • Beach Buggy Racing 2


    Compatible with Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y.

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