Tesla's New Giga Texas Approved by President Trump

Tesla's New Giga Texas Approved by President Trump

The U.S. President, Mr. Donald Trump, is overwhelmed by Elon Musk’s decision to build the new factory in Austin, Texas. He even expressed his appreciation on Twitter, pointing that Made in the USA is an important thing.

Mr. Musk twitted back, “Thank you on behalf of the Tesla team. We look forward to building Giga Texas!”

Giga Texas will be the largest Tesla plant so far. The location is only 15-minutes away from Downtown Austin, and Mr. Musk announced it during the Q2 2020 Earnings Call.

The focus of this car manufacturing facility will be the production of Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Semi. Also, Giga Texas will build Model Y and Model 3 to cover the Eastern half of the North American continent market.

Mr. Musk himself is quite impressed by the new facility planning and said, “it’s about 2,000 acres, and we’re going to make it a factory that is going to be stunning.”

For the ones who maybe have a slight doubt, Giga Texas will also be an environmental-friendly factory, like all the other Tesla facilities.

Besides that, Tesla will open its doors to the public, offering biking and hiking trails where people can visit the factory.

The plan is to build it next to the Colorado River, which means that the Giga Texas will be an ecological paradise for electric vehicle lovers.

According to the experts, Giga Texas will provide over 5,000 middle-skill jobs for the local population. This will create a substantial economic impact on the community and the region. On top of that, Tesla will invest in STEM education in the area, which creates additional work opportunities.

The government of Texas offered $14 million in tax breaks to Tesla, over ten years, while the company will invest over $1,1 billion during the same period.

President Trump is openly supportive of Tesla and cheered the reopening of the Fremont factory that was temporarily closed because of coronavirus pandemic.

The nation’s leader also supports Tesla because the carmaker is investing in the country, creating job opportunities, and improving the overall economy.

The best thing about Tesla is that it is the only automotive industry that functions in the time of the pandemic. Tesla keeps bringing new inventions, upgrades, and technology advances even when other companies are facing bankruptcy.

The incredible progress that Tesla is making this year is thanks to the brilliant mind of Mr. Musk and his hard work.

Tesla is the only carmaker that came out with a positive output in the first two months of 2020, and it also turned the fourth consecutive profitable quarter.


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