Tesla Top of the Power Charts

Tesla Top of the Power Charts

In J.D. Power's first-ever poll on electric vehicle charging choices for U.S. drivers of plug-in hybrids and battery-electrics away from home, Tesla, Volta, and ChargePoint stations topped the list.

From January through June, the global analytics firm polled 6,647 owners of battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles for its 2021 U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience Public Charging Study. The availability of public charging in the United States varies by region, but it is still one of the least enjoyable elements of owning an electric vehicle, according to the report.

J.D Power said:

“Owners are reasonably happy in situations where public charging is free, doesn’t require a wait and the location offers other things to do — but that represents a best-case scenario. The industry needs to make significant investment in public charging to assure a level of convenience and satisfaction that will lure potentially skeptical consumers to EVs.”

Tesla's level 2 Destination charging stations and DC fast-charging Superchargers received the greatest overall satisfaction ratings from electric vehicle owners.

Tesla Destination chargers, which can be found in areas like hotel parking lots, were created with Tesla customers in mind. However, owners of other electric car brands may be able to utilize them with a special adaptor in some instances.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that all of his charging stations will be open to owners of other electric vehicle companies. However, the corporation has not stated how many of them will be opened in the United States or by when.


Volta Charging

Volta charging stations came in second place after Tesla in the survey's slower category of level 2 chargers. 

In the United States, Volta chargers are available for all major plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicle types. The company places its chargers in retail malls, as well as other commercial and tourist locations. Each one has a digital display that may be used for advertising and brand campaigns. Volta normally gives free charging for vehicles while they park and shop because they are ad-supported.

Tortoise Acquisitions Corp. II and Volta intend to join in a deal worth more than $2 billion to the combined company. The Department of Energy estimates that the United States has 43,514 electric vehicle charging stations, with 105,671 individual DC fast-charging and slower, level-2 charging outlets.

ChargePoint came in second place for DC fast-charging alternatives on the road, trailing only Tesla, and third for level 2 charging, trailing only Volta's free service.

In March, the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange through a special purpose acquisition corporation deal, and it has since been purchasing more EV charging companies in Europe and North America in order to expand. Electric car usage is expected to increase on both continents, and electric vehicle charging companies in the United States may benefit from federal and state backing.

According to AlixPartners, $50 billion will be required to establish a nationwide charging network to support the predicted rise of electric vehicles in the United States by 2030. In addition, President Joe Biden's infrastructure bill could provide funding for the installation of $7.5 billion worth of electric vehicle charging stations across the country.

Who is J.D Power?

J.D. Power is a marketing firm best known for its automotive research; it gathers consumer responses for a variety of surveys (such as asking drivers about the reliability of their car's transmission, the comfort of the passenger seat, or the performance of the navigation system) and then ranks car models based on those responses. The fact that J.D Power rankings have become so well-known among customers is one of the reasons why car manufactures use them so regularly in their ads.