Tesla Top of the Charts

Tesla Top of the Charts

In September 2022, the Tesla Model Y overtook the best-selling Volkswagen Golf to claim the title of most popular new automobile in Europe based on sales volume. Tesla shipped 29,367 units of the Model Y electric SUV to clients in Europe last month, which is a 227 percent increase from the previous year.

Due to different sales reporting procedures used throughout Europe and the scant information made available to the public, year-to-date sales data is fragmented. In March 2022, the Tesla Model 3 car led the European market, and in June 2022, the Tesla Model Y ranked ninth. The Tesla Model Y also topped the rankings last month. No Tesla vehicles, except for these brief appearances, have been in the Top 10 in any other months this year. The Tesla Model Y has sold between 85,000 and 90,000 units in Europe so far this year, which, when all the months of 2022 are included, puts it outside the Top 10.

Tesla Model Y Europe's Bestselling Car in September 2022

In contrast to the Volkswagen Golf, which has been the best-selling vehicle in Europe for 14 years running, which only achieved slightly more than 16,000 deliveries in September throughout the continent, the second-placed Peugeot 208 concluded the month with 19,601 deliveries.

For the third time this year, Tesla has monopolized the top two spots in the electric-car sales charts, despite a 50% year-over-year decline in Model 3 deliveries to 12,244 units in September, with the battery-powered sedan reportedly experiencing transport delays from its factory in China to Europe.

Despite the difficulties, it was reported that Tesla sold 17% more cars in Europe between July and September 2022 than it had during the same period in 2021. The Model Y continued to outsell the gasoline and diesel versions of the Volkswagen Golf in Germany, which was indicative of Tesla's outstanding European performance throughout September. In Germany, Tesla delivered 9846 Model Ys versus 7095 Volkswagen Golfs during the same period. With this outcome, the Model Y's German year-to-date sales have risen to more than 22,000 units, but the Volkswagen Golf continues to hold the top spot with more than 63,000 vehicles sold in its home country.

Tesla Talks in Mining

Glencore and Tesla have discussed Tesla purchasing stock in the massive Swiss mining company. According to reports, Tesla and Glencore had their first conversations last year. The companies held discussions up until March 2022. Gary Eagle, the CEO of Glencore, went to the Fremont Factory of Tesla in March.

Tesla wanted to purchase a 10% to 20% minority ownership investment in Glencore, but the two businesses were unable to come to terms. Concerns about Glencore's compliance with Tesla's environmental objectives were raised by the EV manufacturer. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Australia, and Canada, the Swiss mining giant is the largest trading company and producer of cobalt in the world.

Over the years, there has been debate about some of the DRC's cobalt mining methods. Some mining firms with operations in the DRC are charged with hiring mineworkers who are too young. Due to ongoing exposure to dust and other particles, which can cause lung and skin illnesses, cobalt mining in the DRC has also sparked public health concerns for miners.

Glencore claims that their primary goal is to "responsibly" source goods "that improve daily lives." Plans were announced by the Swiss firm to coincide with the Paris Agreement's objectives in 2021. It intends to start by gradually exhausting its coal portfolio before reaching Net Zero emissions by 2050.

There were no outcomes from the conversations between Tesla and Glencore. The discussions, however, suggest that Tesla is seriously considering entering the mining sector as it works to increase EV production globally and its 4680-manufacturing line. Since it had already negotiated a cobalt offtake arrangement with the Swiss mining behemoth for Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin, Glencore felt like a good business with which to begin developing relationships in the mining sector.

Tesla's discussions with Glencore presumably gave them some knowledge of the mining sector, particularly the steps involved in moving from mining to refining and production. Tesla has been transparent about wanting to work in mining. Although the corporation doesn't seem particularly interested in mining, it would explore entering the sector if necessary.