Tesla FSD Beta version 10.69.2 is Finally Released

Tesla FSD Beta version 10.69.2 is Finally Released

Today's release of the Tesla FSD Beta version 10.69.2 includes a new capability for all customers that extends on the safety function's ability to recognize pedestrians on the road. Since 10.69.2 is still a limited release for some customers, Tesla's autonomous driving system strives to give those who already have the capability a complete experience.

Elon Musk made a public announcement that the official Tesla FSD beta v10.69.2 is now available for more users to upgrade and utilize on their trips or journeys across city streets or rural roads. It focuses on a better driving experience that encourages a hands-free experience without concerns and wants to introduce more safety features for all.

Since Musk promised that it will be included in the system's updated version, beta users have been waiting for the functionality for several weeks. What the Tesla team has been working on since its initial release last month is highlighted in beta version 10.69.2.

FSD More Cautious Around Pedestrians

According to Musk's tweet, consumers should anticipate that the system would be "overly careful" around other vehicles and pedestrians that it detects on the road. With new features coming with the autonomous driving function for the corporation, which focuses on more integration on both the public streets and highways in the country, it is the most advanced Tesla FSD beta version there is. Furthermore, it offers a better unprotected left turn maneuver, considerable road mapping, as well as an improved pedestrian recognition system.

With fewer concerns about the AI making judgments on the road and mingling in with human drivers of other vehicles, the Tesla FSD beta seeks to provide more on the system's offers that will assist customers on their daily drives. The improved system in the electric vehicle now aims to provide an improved safety feature.

Hands-free Tesla driving.

Full Self-Driving (Beta) Suspension

A notice is display showing Tesla has reset the "Force Autopilot Disengagements" counter on your vehicle to 0. In addition, the Vector Lanes neural network now has a new "deep lane guiding" module that combines lane counts and lane connectedness with information taken from video feeds. In comparison to the previous model, this architecture achieves a 44% lower error rate on lane topology, allowing for smoother control before lanes are visually obvious.

  • Improved overall driving smoothness, without losing latency, by better modelling of system and actuation latency in trajectory planning.
  • Smoother protected right turns thanks to a better correlation between slip lanes and traffic lights than between slip lanes and yield signs. This lessens erroneous slowdowns when pertinent objects are absent and enhances yielding position when they exist.
  • Enhanced stopping position accuracy in challenging situations involving crossing objects by allowing dynamic resolution in trajectory optimization to concentrate more on regions requiring tighter control.

Tesla Vision

Tesla is quite adamant that drivers follow their advice and guidelines when using FSD as Tesla Vision is there for monitoring. Tesla emphasizes FSD should be utilized with extra caution as it is still in early limited access Beta. Drivers must always keep their hands on the wheel and pay close attention to the road because the car might make the wrong decision at the worst possible time. Follow distance is restricted to 2–7 yards, and the top speed of the Autopilot is 85 mph.

Cabin Camera

Now that Autopilot is activated, the cabin camera mounted above the rearview mirror can detect driver inattention and issue audible alerts to prompt the driver to maintain eye contact with the road. Camera images cannot be transmitted unless the data sharing is activated.

Enhancing the Seat Belt System

As part of this improvement, Tesla Vision is now used to help provide some of the most cutting-edge seat belt pretensioner performance in the case of a frontal crash, further enhancing your vehicle's excellent crash protection, which is based on regulatory and industry standard crash testing. Now, in a wider range of frontal accidents, your seat belts will start to tighten and safeguard properly strapped occupants earlier.


These are just some of the latest features in the latest FSD update. Click here to read the detailed release notes.